Alcohol during PAWS/flatline (rebooting)

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Would one weekend of a lot of alcohol set back recovery significantly?

  1. Yes!

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  1. wfcasdvwervdsv

    wfcasdvwervdsv Fapstronaut

    Hello all,

    I've been going through some nasty withdrawals for a long time 2 years now in the form of PAWS/flatline. I'm currently 5 and a half months into my current streak and would say I'm seeing minor improvements yet I'm still very far from where I want to be.

    My question is whether alcohol would be detrimental to my recovery. I want to attend a festival in august where I'll need to get shitfaced to be able to enjoy myself and forget about the PAWS symptoms. To have a break like this would mean a lot to me but I'm concerned that it will set me back.

    I'm aware that alcohol is far from good for recovery but do you think I'll be able to handle a weekend of binge drinking without setting me back to square one as that would be devastating.

    Ideally, opinions from someone with experience in this subject matter would be great but any response would be really appreciated...

    Thank you!
  2. mrguy

    mrguy Fapstronaut

    I only say "Yes" because you said "a lot of alcohol" and "binge drinking"

    Anything that is considered bad for overall health is probably not good for your general health and that would include sexual health. Binge drinking is not good. Don't do it. Your liver and future health will thank you.

    As far as a single drink? From my experience (and I am no where near an awesome 5 month streak!), a single drink of red wine likely does not hurt. Especially if it is in a healthy social environment.
  3. wfcasdvwervdsv

    wfcasdvwervdsv Fapstronaut

    Cheers for the response. I only plan to do this for one weekend and haven't had a drink in about a year so don't suppose I'd even need to much to get bladdered so I'm not concerned about the physical effects. I'm more concerned about whether it will undo all the progress I've made but I'm probably just chatting out my arse and it will be sweet. Still good to get second opinions on this stuff because to waste 10 months (this is what it will be when the festival is) would be absolutely horrific....
  4. Bomb squad

    Bomb squad Fapstronaut

    To be honest bro I don’t know I’ve recently came to this dilemma as I’m about ready enter 17 months hard mode and I’ve drank for one day and got high as fuck at Christmas I’ll come back to you to tell you if I get better and see if not it affects the reboot as I am a fellow paws sufferer as-well and indeed very worried but I’d say you’d be ok but can’t be sure highly doubt it would completely set you back. godspeed
  5. wfcasdvwervdsv

    wfcasdvwervdsv Fapstronaut

    Cheers mate, look forward to hearing from you

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