Alcohol + NoFap = Recipe For Disaster

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    Hi all,

    I'd just like to share my recent experience regarding NoFap and alcohol consumption. I stopped drinking alcohol sometime during my current steak. Maybe I drank half a glass of wine at most when in company of friends, maybe once a month, but no more. I was struggling with some "dark days" during November, bordering on chronic depression again but I managed to somehow stay "afloat" with the tools I incorporated in my daily life (mainly aerobic exercise, meditation focused on breathing and supplements) until yesterday when a friend invited me out for a drink. I said to myself why not, maybe company will cheer me up. He ordered 0.5L beer and as I didn't want to spoil the party I ordered one too. Second round followed and by the time we finished I've already fallen into a deep depression episode which lasted throughout the night and most of the Sunday. I had no hangover as I only drank 2 beers but the feeling of existential despair coming out of nowhere was overwhelming throughout the day. I was so desperate that I even thought on relapsing after coming home, not because of cravings - I had none, but just to ease the horrible anxiety and hopelessness. Luckily I decided to make a post on the forum instead and go to bed early (even though I could not sleep a whole night), but it was a close call. I always thought that alcohol lifts my mood, but I obviously couldn't be more wrong. I googled for the answers and found out that alcohol actually acts as depressant in a long run, especially if you're in emotionally weak state when you drink ( All the Reasons You Shouldn’t Drink When You’re Depressed ).

    So guys stay away from alcohol if you're going through dark days. This experience has just solidified my commitment that I'm done with alcohol for good. Drinking alcohol for the reason of just not being a party breaker is not worth it. Have you had similar experiences with drinking alcohol?
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  2. Well for me it didn't happen with alcohol but with cannabis. It makes me paranoid and super depressed and on top of that it makes me very aroused, so perfect way to relapse.
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    Alcohol+Weed is a disaster for me. It's already difficult for me to fight urges when I'm sober and at my weakest but when I'm drunk or high, all the willpower goes out the window.
    I've relapsed every time I was drunk or high in the past month. Sure way to kill your progress. And after you relapse, you'll want to ease the sadness with more alcohol and weed.
    The cycle of misery at its finest.
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