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    I wanted to know different people's opinion on alcohol in general. I myself tend to drink nowadays 1 to 2 times per week usually on the weekend after all my college classes are done. I had a streak of over 90 days with occasional porn viewing, but no orgasm other than wet dreams and I attribute some of this to the good times drinking. I know alcohol is said to kill brain cells or even retard sperm but I've also heard of it being neuro-protective and good for longevity due to the social aspect. I spend a lot of time on the computer doing research or entertaining myself so it's a nice break to go to a party or the bar or a concert. I do notice it takes some time to recover if I drink beer, not usually if I drink hard alcohol but to me that is less enjoyable and more of a deliberate intoxication as it's pretty much straight alcohol no carbs or antioxidants really. I donno I'm not an expert. I do notice dark dreams occasionally or just weird dreams sometimes but sometimes it can lead to clarity in dreams or something fun. If I could find a group to socialize with that wasn't artificial I would do that instead of drinking as I often notice my diet get's less nutritious but sometimes it's nice to eat different things than stay on a strict diet. I'm wondering if any of you have a relationship with alcohol or if you prefer to abstain from it. How does it influence your participation with NoFap?
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    Alcohol is causing addiction and all addictions works in the same part of the brain. If you want to quit PMO, its gonna be easier if you will cut the alcohol, at least temporary. Also, if you get a little drunk.....that might be a huge relapsing trigger.
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    I don't really drink. Personally I don't like the taste of most alcoholic stuff, and I don't really like looking back on a night and feeling like I said or did things that weren't entirely in my control. I've never been drunk, but I've been a bit tipsy-ish, at least enough to feel like I was being too obnoxious or something and probably wouldn't have been if I hadn't been drinking. Idk, I don't really see the appeal of that. I don't really enjoy the feeling of being out of control.
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  4. If I drink it good few a serious shot into the problem.
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    I've had a sip of beer, wine, vodka, just out of curiosity about the flavor. I didn't like the taste of any of them. Loosened inhibitions sounds like a double edged sword. Overall I've got enough to deal with in life without adding anything else to the mix, and it gives me a small sense of pride/satisfaction to set myself apart from the masses.

    TL;DR Never drank, never will.
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  6. Well whisky dick causes unable to perform sexual acts like pmo so if you are drunk you just want to sleep off the hang over not watch Porn And masturbation

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    I believe alcohol has only one good use for the body, and that's for cleaning wounds.
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    Must be my genetics or something but I can never have just one. I'm still not legal age but have had a lot of experience with it because I had a fake id. I realized I had to stop and have been clean for months. Also with nofap and diet and everything alcohol and weed absolutely cause me to get off track. At least for now I have quit cold turkey.
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  9. I have a fear of alcohol because I had an alcoholic father. I'm very much prejudiced against people who drink and I often feel I'll become an alcoholic myself just by either having a drink or having friends that drink. I've dropped very good close friends in the past because I saw them get tipsy from drinking. I didn't even let them explain and just cut them off. The fear is so ridiculous I think I should probably drink a few times until I overcome it.
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    I brew beer, mead, wine and cider at home, I love the way certain beverages can compliment different foods, I think we all should do what is working for us and not listen as much to what other people do or what is working for them cause we are all different. I myself im never drunk even though I always got 15 gallons of beer and wine at home at all times, I drink either a glass of beer or wine for 1 meal a week, I never feel anything from the alcohol and this is where I draw the line for myself cause I think overuse of alcohol is bad for you and your journey, and it should be taken seriously cause intoxication can cause a lot of problems not just for yourself but for the people around you.

    I used to drink and become drunk in my youth but I never really liked it always felt like crap, so I don't get drunk anymore.
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    Your culture and society play a major part in whether alcohol can have positive and negative effects. Most European cultures don't have serious issues with alcohol consumption. Ditto Asian cultures. I'm Australian and our nation has mixed responses to alcohol.

    I'm guessing the previous posters are mostly Americans? This is a nation founded by religious zealots and general social prudes that couldn't stand European society. They enacted prohibition, the on-tap beer is usually light beer (2%) and founded alcoholics anonymous. This culture has the biggest problem with alcohol in the world in terms of negative effects.

    Alcohol cannot be grouped under the same categories as porn or drugs. If you watch porn, it changes how your brain views and rewards sex. If you take opioids, you will get addicted. If you sip beer, you will not become an alcoholic.

    Written by someone who sculled an entire bottle of vodka in one setting, woke up without a hangover and didn't touch alcohol for another 3 weeks.
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    Since I’ve been doing a ketogenic diet, my tolerance for alcohol has gone down. It only takes 2 or 3 shots to get me all messed up. Before I would need to consume a lot more.
  13. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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    Keep your drinking moderate, maybe 2-3 drinks and that's it. If you can't keep it moderate and responsible, it would be best to not drink at all.
  14. MLMVSS

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    Not true. It definitely can be placed in the same category as drugs and porn. You can definitely be addicted to alcohol, especially as genetics can play a role.
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  15. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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    If you're naturally shy, sometimes a little alcohol can help, ie. "liquid courage".
  16. Gotham Outlaw

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    Using logic and reason to come to a conclusion? Who in the hell do you think you are?
    I understand alcohol has uses in sterilizing wounds, and it can be used in cooking. That being said some people get addicted to it. It's not entirely different from drugs or porn. If you're so sure it can't be in the same category then why not tell us how you would categorize it. Otherwise you're just blowing smoke.
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    tbh alcohol was pretty vital back in my skateboarding days lmao. that little splash of confidence was just enough to curb some of the hesitancy I had with more risky tricks, plus it didn't hurt as bad when I busted my ass. but damn did it hurt the next day

    talent juice we called it
  18. Alcohol is one of the worst drugs you can do despite it being legal and socially acceptable. I really enjoyed it in from 20-30 and stopped drinking around 34. I'll once in a great while but I stick to the herb for the most part.
  19. PasterofMuppets

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    If it's free, sure. Otherwise, I don't like spending money on it, except when I'm with friends and we got our party planned. I hate getting seriously drunk anyway. I behave in an absolutely destructive way and I temporarily become phisically and metally challenged to say the least. Alcohol alone is a really stupid way of getting high. Go with weed if you really want to. But yeah, it does feel nice to get that little beer buzz sometimes.

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