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    PMO an MO since 11 or younger. Smoking weed since 14 habitually. Daily drinker since 21, but began drinkin at 17.

    Now I'm 22, 23 in June. I feel my addictions are all intertwined. I'm focusing on quitting porn and spanking it before i dare tackle the others. I've been to AA a many of times, know the steps, read the books, worked with sponsors, but never wanted to quit...only take breaks no longer then 3months.

    I'm hoping quitting porn, building up my manhood and confidence will give me the strength to grow out of what I've become. Anyone deal with these things?
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    Hi mate, Ive dealt with similar and in the end I stopped drinking and smoking (including weed) on the same day in may 2008 and have never touched any of them since. The main thing I did was read, and live and breathe, a book called changing for good by James Prochaska. I also took on board the idea that I was sugar sensitive (which I believe many people with 'addictive' personalities are). I'm just getting ready for work but you might want to read these threads for now as they should help. There's a lot of info in these and I hope you get other ideas because as Einstein once said "you will not solve a problem using the same thinking that caused it". And these are only suggestions. Wishing you all the very best for now :)

    For info on the changing for good system read this!-or-not!!!-Have-you-actually-Prepared-for-it!!)

    And here's a brief summary of above

    For info on sugar sensitivity read this (is a long one but but worth it)

    Also I'm not sure what you mean by manliness as it means different things to different people but I have knows several 'men' whose very idea of what makes them a 'man' hold then back. You might want to consider these ideas!!


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