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  1. I understand why people outside of the US may have a hard time understanding why so much money needs to be raised for a defamatiom lawsuit: In the rest of the free world, access to the justice system is much cheaper, and more fair.

    But you have to understand: in the USA everything is for sale, including the justice system - one who is rich enough can simply act how they please and crush any threat with frivolous lawsuits or kill them financially with appalling legal fees.

    Alex is targeted by some porn industry minions who have almost unlimited financial ressources and want to shut him (and us) off.

    He's one of the only guys on this entire planet who had the courage to stand up in public and call out the porn industry for everything that's wrong about it.

    There is no reason to doubt his intent (which by the way is extensively detailed on the donation page, with links to the lawsuit's documents). Do you think he's enjoying being in the spotlight and being one of the only public withleblowers out there?
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  2. It's an annoying thing got to scroll trough about 5 times just to log in. The lawsuit could be handled with 0 dollars. Obviously Alex deserves the best support but the donation is harrasment in the way its has been placed.

    @Hold it in maybe u should take a deep breath
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  3. Did you read the document? There's a 75 thousand minimum that has to be laid down.
    "Harassment" lol. Can you be any more entitled? There's one banner here now, temporarily I might add. Most websites have much more advertisement.
  4. My fingers don't need to breathe but thanks for asking
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  5. Yea but he could have did it with 0 if he chose to.

    It does harras me so well I don't care about how you think it should affect me
  6. *South Park voice*

    OMG dude!
    Show me on this doll where the banner touched you
  7. Aww how cute a little snarky comment from the person in emotional distress
  8. Funny joke dude I'm sure all the rape victims find it hilarious
  9. That's it. Sign this man up for the Democratic party, he's got it boys.

    Victim card and everything, lol
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    Believe me i understand that its a lawsuit and information is critical to it, so i know that alex isnt going to spill every detail and risk a loss. I still feel that something as big as a federal lawsuit against the porn industry,which his supporters are funding, deserves to be addressed a little more by alex,not just releasing public information to prove that there actually is a lawsuit filed
  11. Where your boys at xD
  12. Just like how you can choose not to contribute, nobody’s forcing any of you to donate yet people are still whinging about it.

    And in regards to him being able to afford 200k apparently on his own
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    I don't have enough money yet but if I have I would have donated it. If any moderator or owner of site etc is seeing this, I can build website can do some javascript, html, css etc any programming or site maintenance for free.
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  15. I'll leave it in your capable hands to donate some of your hard earned American dollars to end the harassment and put a smile on Alex's face when he read his bank balance. Laugh your American ass off...
  16. Alex may as well have put the 'end the harassment' link in the panic button category. I can't donate American dollars as I'm not from the US. Oh well. I can't save the world now and Alex's peace of mind. I guess that makes me a bad person. Fucckkkk. Cheers for the website anyway Alex, it's kind of half useful but full of one dimensional American idiots. Oh and make sure you vote Trump! Carry on the madness!
  17. I agree that the purpose of the lawsuit wasn't communicated too well, probably for tactical reasons. But the real reason for it is that the person in question has many peoples' ear and continues to pour poison in it. The success of this legal battle may directly impact whether kids in the future get the warning we haven't gotten. But if you don't care about that, that's cool.
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    You make me embarrased to be British. I donated my £'s gladly. I've done my homework, I know about the case, plus how it relates to the bigger picture. I suggest you do your homework before you start spreading such ignorant, culturally snobbish clap-trap.

    Alex deserves support from everyone who uses NoFap.
  19. Why don't you talk to those people then because Im complaining about how it's harresment in the way it's placed.

    I said Alexander deserves the money but he doesn't have to use such rude in your face tactics.

    It's like a popup window, you click to get somewhere, then the add pops up. its harresment there is no debate.

    I need 200k for a helicopter can I aford it no please donate.
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