Algorithms for "Alerts"?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Strength And Light, Sep 24, 2018.

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    The NoFap team is doing a fantastic job in providing and maintaining an incredibly powerful tool that's helped myself and countless others greatly improve our lives. Before I even ask my question I'd just like to thank the whole team for that. You are awesome! :)

    My question is about the "Alerts" we receive and how something qualifies to be an Alert. At first I thought that I only needed to follow someone in order to receive an Alert that they posted to their journal. I later found that not to be the case, so I guessed that I needed to click/turn-on "Watch Thread" on any journal or thread that I wanted to receive Alerts for. It turns out that "following" someone and "watching" the thread of their journal doesn't guarantee I'll receive Alert notifications when they've actually updated or posted to that journal.

    It does seem like if I've posted within a specific thread recently enough, I will receive Alerts when new content is posted to it. But just because I've posted to a thread in the past, follow the user, and watch the thread still does not seem to 100% qualify an Alert notification when new content is posted to it.

    So my question: Is there an algorithm used for Alerts, and if so, is there anything I could be doing to assure I receive an Alert notification for ANY time that a certain thread or journal is posted to?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. hardowner

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    A few minutes ago I had 9 alerts, but when I clicked there were 8. This has happened a few times...

    Also, a long time ago, I replied to the thread "today I will not pmo because...". I subscribed automatically. I had normal alerts whenever someone liked or quoted my posts and replied to the thread. Suddenly, the alerts stopped. I found the thread manually and saw that there were new posts. I unsubscribed and subscribed again. I was alerted normally for one day I think and after it stopped until now.

    These are not complaints, just bug reports...
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  3. Thank you S&L. A very good explanation of what I have experienced as well.
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  4. Alexander

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    It really has nothing to do with the algorithm(s). The alert preferences are in the user control panel. And you are shown every alert that you are opted in to seeing, without the system choosing one alert or another one for you.

    The problem is likely page cacheing which has caused a bug with alerts displaying incorrectly for a long time now. We've tried to investigate this issue but just haven't been able to figure it out yet.
  5. Strength And Light

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    Ahh the ol' page cache - gets 'em every time. Have you tried jiggling the cord for the Panic Button? That might work...
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  6. Rising Force

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    I also thought that sometimes you stop receiving alerts somehow mysteriously. This seems to follow certain rules, however. Is it the desired behavior, then, is another question.

    Think what happens when you do receive an alert. You get a notification saying: "User this and this replied to the thread this and that. There may be more posts after this." You won't get notified for the possible further replies that may have come. Then what you normally do is that you open the thread and read all the new posts. After this, you will receive an alert for the next post when it happens.

    What might be confusing is what happens when there are unread posts for several pages. Suppose that the last post you looked up on a given thread was on page 10. Suppose also that you've been away from that thread for some time, and there are now 14 pages in that thread. First of all, you have received only one alert for new posts, as pointed out. Now, let's say you continue reading the thread from page 10. The thing is, you will not receive new alerts unless you have opened the page which currently contains the most recent post.

    So for example, failing to notice that there is just one more message on a further page leads you effectively unwatching the thread. Well, you are still watching it, but the thread is in an unread state. These unread threads are shown in bold in your list of watched threads. And the system will not alert you until you open the newest page, which is confusing.

    In my opinion, the intuitive way would be that you start getting new alerts once you've opened anything that you previously had not. But this is not how it works.
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  7. Max Fisher

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    I've gotten into a habit of cruising manually if I haven't been alerted for a while for certain people or journals. It's the only fool proof method of not missing key content, but it would be nice if the alerts were accurate.
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