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    Hello there

    This is the first time ever I am writing a forum so ignore my worst typing also my grammars.

    I am currently 15 yo soon turning 16, Gender - Male and my sexuality is straight.
    I've been using internet since I was 8 and I often used to see popping up some porno stuffs in many websites which is where I started to know about these stuffs.I often used to watch those stuffs and enjoy but when I turned 12 I started regular masturbation
    and this went regular until I turned 15 and become a religious guy.I still continued masturbating even after being a religious guy for like twice or three times per week but still I couldn't completely leave it just because of my addiction.Now it became really annoying, effecting on my studies,regular routine and my peaceful life.Also as a religious guy I shouldn't do such stuffs as it ain't allowed at all in my religion.Now I just want to stop myself from doing masturbation and watching pornography.As I've mentioned before I haven't masturbated for like two days and since then it's really annoying me , it's like I am always imagining a porn video inside myself or having intercourse with someone but trust me I am really trying a lot to stay away from such stuffs and be a completely independent person from pornography and masturbation,even I wanted a lot to masturbate but I hardly controlled myself these two days.Now I am really happy to find such a website which can help me to free from such stuffs.Whoever reading this can you please advice me how I can stay away from these and be an independent guy? It'll help me a lot and I'll be always appreciated this forever

    Thank you
  2. If you don't stop it (porn), I guarantee you will regret your whole life. 99.9% of this community whish they could rewind their life back to 16 y.o of them and start everything from scratch.

    Here are some consequences of not stopping watching porn:
    - low self esteem
    - extremely low confidence
    - poor or unstable private life
    - deterioration of physical appearance
    - premature hair loss
    - higher risk of being unmarried by the age of 40 or more
    - higher risk of becoming gay or bisexual

    There are more and more negative side effects, but not even single positive one.

    Go hit gym, read books, eat healthy to name few. I don't know, find your passion and focus on it.
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    I was more or less addicted to PMO for 14-15 years and it took away ten times more from my life than it ever gave me during this time (without a doubt). Not until I quit MO 2 1/2 years ago did my life really take-off in the right direction for the first time in years.
    The key to overcome these bad habits (at least in the beginning stages) is to occupy yourself with productive and more demanding activities that require some physical and intellectual effort and prioritize them. Such as exercising (running/cycling/swimming and lifting some weights).

    In that way, you won't get too much spare-time to watch porn and if you do, you will be quite tired and satisfied with your day so that you won't feel a need for PMO at all. It will increase both your confidence and self-esteem within short but you will also feel that you have control over your life in a way you didn't before. Plan is many productive and more demanding activities as you can during your days and you will soon feel PMO less appealing and tempting by the day.
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    My advice is that you find someone you can talk to. Someone you can really trust to help you be accountable. Your dad would be ideal if you have a good relationship. Trying to work on this alone, even with this great group, is going to be tough. Secrets will make this process so much harder.

    Get rid of the shame. Own you made some mistakes and move forward with faith.

    Be proud you are working on this now. I wish I did when I was your age. You can do this. There will be hard days but it will be worth it.
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    Try to cut out porn from your life and replace the porn in your head with more loving images. The worst thing about porn is the way it portrays sex as a cold and disconnecting activity aimed solely at orgasm. When you stop looking at porn and thinking in a pornographic way, you'll have a more healthy attitude towards sex.
    As for the masturbation: if you're fifteen doing it two or three times per week is not a problem. Your sexual energy is at a maximum so I think you're doing okay.
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    If you think masturbation is wrong don't let anyone else tell you different. It's not our place to tell you what is right or wrong for you, just to provide some advice when asked and support when needed.
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    Listen bro I just came out of binge effect and I know it's hard but just make a target in your mind, it doesn't matter weather you have time table or not just make to do list and those task should be in your mind .
    Your aim should be -
    • Cross Day3
    • Cross day7
    • Cross 2nd week
    • And so on..... p8vxkmfvra741.jpg
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    Then, you can always add another column to that picture called "Full reboot" which spans from 12 months and up.
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