All is not lost, For every complain or problem there is always a solution. One just needs to find...

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    As the title says, i realized that we just need to find the proper action to find the solution.

    For instance, I feel miserable whenever i'm not in charge of my life. when i don't see progress and everything is stagnant. I'm a learner and i hate it when there is also nothing to learn. porn makes me feel miserable although it feels addictive. i know people who make me miserable. when i have these thought compiled, i'll feel like a loser, and i think many people can relate with this and we might tend to feel like losers if we let our past program our brain this way

    What most people can't see is that, we're only human. mistakes were made in the past, the present is where the past has left you, but the future is written by the actions we have at the present.

    For instance, if i feel that i'm not control of my life then i try my best to take it back. make small wins one at a time, do something good for myself, something that requires effort and hardwork (not binging on food which can be an addiction). When i wanted to learn new things i try my best to expand connections so i can meet and learn from people who excelled at other things. Porn is bad as it drains energy and it's useless, so i quit that and i feel that i have more energy. After a while i realized that i really hate porn. What saying is that we need to find more, expand our horizons and focus on getting small wins in life first in order to program our minds for success. also never binge on something that may harm you in a certain direction that you want to avoid.

    I just had these thought in the morning and i feel a lot better as i'm writing this just right now. I am taking back my life from everything and everyone that restricted me from reaching my true potential.

    I have a new goal today, something that i'll keep for the rest of my life.
    I'll reach for excellence the best way i can to maximize my potential. Everything else are roadblocks or a brick wall and i will run through it breaking everything that crosses my path. I will strive for excellence and learning and i will walk over my problems.

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