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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by ahmnaqb, Mar 12, 2016.

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    Hello guys. Just like you all, I have decided to join this community. I am currently on Day 50 of no PMO but NoFap is not new to me. It has been part of my motivation to quit and to persevere. So a lil bit about me :

    I'm 22. Been fapping since 13. Besides porn, I was hooked on cigarettes since 15, slightly less hooked on weed and alcohol. I started with quitting alcohol and it has been 1 year since I stopped. Then I quit cigarettes for already 8 months now. And then I got started with NoFap (been trying to stop and relapsed for many times before) and most recently with weed. My reason for this is mainly because I don't see anything beneficial from these habits and that I have lost all motivation and passion to do things in daily life.

    Among these four habits, I found porn the hardest to quit (I am glad to say that I'm no longer addicted to the other three). My guess is this is because it doesn't cost any money, it's easily accessible and your d**k is always with you wherever you go. Plus, sexual desires are actually normal in human beings so in our case, they become the trigger to tap into our addiction. Before i started NoFap, I was highly doubtful that it was gonna have much of a positive effect on my life but oh boy, was I wrong.

    To cut it short, after getting through the anxiety, depression loneliness etc phase, I felt that my life was improving. Maybe not so big, but definitely an improvement. More motivated in life, more productive, better relations with other people, much more calmer, the list goes on and certainly happier in general. To have gotten through the three other addictions wasn't easy but I can say now that I succeeded. And I am certainly very hopeful that I will get through this one too :) Good luck to me, and good luck to all of you.
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    good work for bettering your lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness, best of luck.
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    welcome to nofap.

    glad to hear , u stopped smoking,drinking,weed .

    i m sure, on nofap site u will find ways and partners to follow ways to stop PMO.

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