All the hype about the movie Black Panther.

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    Yeah, you really weren’t. Did you watch Black Panther or have any familiarity with the fact that the character and the fictional nation of Wakanda existed long before the movie was made? You seemed to suggest that superhero movies are shallow and beneath your tastes, not to mention you gripe about marketing, as though you only saw the trailers.

    I loved Letters from Iwo Jima, and I’d like to see movies about the internment camps in the United States too. I enjoy movies that entertain and movies that make me think or feel something.
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    All I can say about this movie is 'Best'.
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    Yeah I knew about Black Panther before the movie. I won't to pretend to be overly knowledgeable about American comic books, except for Archie properties which I read voraciously. I dabbled as a young kid, and my older brother was a huge collector of cards, comic books, and other memorabilia. In terms of films, I haven't seen the trailer for it. Just what I saw of the character in Civil War which was great.
    Then all of the schlock and flurry from media journalists and the spin doctors from Disney and beyond that stopped it dead in the water for me. It put me off actually going to see it in cinema, because I don't believe in rewarding this sort of marketing. That's my own personal feelings.

    I'm not overly keen on comic book films or superheroes, and not afraid to admit it. That being said I enjoyed a lot of films that I have seen to varying degrees. I'd never say they are beneath my tastes, I studied film as part of my degree, I work in the industry and I've got high standards that I hold all films to, some come off as purely purile but enjoyable, other high brow dramas are as boring as hell.
    Hobo with a Shotgun is a classic example of a terrible film that I absolutely loved.

    Superhero films I have really enjoyed? Dark Knight trilogy is a masterpiece. Deadpool was fantastic, loved it, and I'm looking forward to the next one. I liked the Amazing Spiderman films, even though it was a reboot and the second one was way overdrawn on bad guy line ups, Electro should have been a great bad guy but the character was so underdeveloped due to time constraints. Foxx brilliant as he is wasn't able to salvage it.

    I'd love for a American interment camp film to come out, there is a real opportunity there to create a great movie, or even genre changer. Sadly I don't think it would ever get a greenlight.
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    I thought that acting was phenomenal, but it was like a half hour too long. I felt like they could have cut some things and it still would have been good.
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  5. I'd love to see a movie about Japanese Internment camps as well. Maybe there not making a movie about this subject because it really was pretty horrid what happened in those camps. My Grandma's brother died in one of those camps. She has a picture of him to this day when you see that you cant help but to feel blessed we live in these times. I hope it doesn't get out of hand like WW2 that war should not have happened in the first place it's up to us to do better.
  6. I never saw the advertising but if that's the only way the advertised it I agree that it's wrong. Media always tries to get everyone fighting. Let's just ignore them and enjoy life!!
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    I wouldn't lump all these movies in together. The female Ghostbusters didn't do nearly as well as BP or WW. Pretty much everyone who saw it said it was shit whereas BP and WW we're actually enjoyable. When I first heard about it I thought it would be sjw trash, but my friend convinced me to give it a chance so I read a prequel volume of comics and I actually enjoyed it. It helped give me a better understanding of the characters.

    It's pretty good. Not as good as the dark knight, but it's still enjoyable.

    Yeah at 2 hours and 20 minutes it's a little too long for my liking. Cut it down to 2 hours and we're good.
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    Black Panther movie hype is the same as all the other. Just hype. I either get caught up in it or I don't. This time I didn't.
  9. Hardly....

    The movie has earned about 800 mil at the box office/world wide and it's been out for three weeks.... It's a great film and it's hype comes from critics and movie goers of varying opinions and backgrounds. It's not my personal favourite Marvel movie but I still see it's a good film.

    Also the fact it's cast is predominately black is an amazing thing- it's nothing to do with "sjw crowd" as you put it- it's about accurately reflecting what the people in an African nation would look like.

    How embarrassing of they hired white actors....
  10. Hahaha pathetic.

    I'm white and I would like you to explain In what way are white people being disadvantaged?
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  11. I thought the movie sucked. It felt like I was watching an Earth Wind & Fire music video but sans the cool music. Also something tells me Martin Freeman got the role because someone fat fingered Morgan Freeman’s name on the invite. Regardless he played a good token white guy.
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    I heard it doesnt have much action. Waiting to see it though.
  13. Just saw the movie today, and I really enjoyed it. The only political thing that kind of bugged me was a few derogatory comments made about about white people that I couldn't help but feel would be incredibly highly protested if the races were reversed. Such as referring to white people as colonizers, one of the characters shaking her head at "Americans," and the "bad guy" going on a long rant about how black people should rise up and overthrow all the white people, basically. Which was especially bothersome considering that man grew up in modern America. To be fair though, that guy was the bad guy, so his opinions aren't supposed to be viewed as good and right. However, in the current climate, it felt a bit too reminiscent of real life and what a large portion of what some would call "black Twitter" actually believe -- that it's the white people's turn to experience oppression, rather than just fighting for NOBODY to experience oppression ever again.

    But anyway, for the most part, I feel all the controversy or debate regarding this film is incredibly silly. It especially cracks me up to hear a lot of highly conservative people irritated by the idea of Wakanda being so successful without outside cultural influence, when those same people are all for closed borders. To me, the film seemed pretty pro-border-control, which seems like something conservatives would be in favor of.

    Another thing that bugs me, though, is when people act as if any white person who critiques the film or any group of people who are very against the message of the film in our current cultural climate must be racist. That's just dumb. The sad reality is, yes, racism against black people still exists, and racism against white people also still exists. So while I didn't feel this way about the film, I can see why some white people might feel a bit threatened by the fact that a lot of black people (of course not all, not by any means... but a certain group) love this movie simply BECAUSE there aren't any white people. So, given that that's a reality, I can see why some white people would feel uncomfortable about that hype. It would be the same as if there was a movie that had no black people in it and if there were a bunch of white people who loved that movie and hyped it up like crazy because "yay, finally a movie with no black people in it!" Unfortunately, that is what some black people are doing with this movie, and its sick. And it's perfectly reasonable and right and to be disgusted by that kind of mindset. It's definitely not the mindset of all black people, but I don't think anyone can deny that that mindset is out there, more than we would like. Just as white people being racist against black people is still a thing as well.

    But all in all, I enjoyed the movie, and i wish all this race war bullshit would just stop already. King T'Challa said it best, actually: "We will work to be an example of how we as brothers and sisters on this earth should treat each other."

    We are all brothers and sisters on this earth, regardless of skin color. Black people shouldn't feel some responsibility to look our for their fellow black people more than white people, because they look similar, and in the same way, white people shouldn't feel that obligation or favoritism toward other white people either. We are all the same race, and that is the human race. So just shut up about skin color and get over yourselves.
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  14. Yea everyone hyped it...I couldnt stay awake through it :-/
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    Good that you bring up Blade. Wesley Snipes is a bad ass actor and the role he plays in that movie is really awesome.

    I realize we are not alone with this opinion ;)
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    A differentiated opinion laid out clear and articulate :)

    I would assume there exist movies with black people only. Maybe not in the mainstream. There definitely are movies that are primarily about some black community - and other ethnicities have less significance. Examples for the latter would be "City of God" or "Babylon" (London).

    Now the movies mentioned are trying to depict stories of authentic lower-class people - and one might object to that. Because on the other hand there are plenty of movies that don't try to be authentic in that sense and happen to be all white (or the black character is just a side kick) - even they don't have to. I guess that's true for Disney movies and a huge chunk of the regular Hollywood-blockbusters (I don't have statistics though).

    In public discourse this is called "racist", and there happen to be "racist movies". For me, "racist" is an attribute to a person first and foremost: Someone who advocates a different treatment of a group of people based on a racial theory (usually challenging the idea of universal human equality). In that strict sense, only a person can be racist and things could only reasonably called "racist" in so far as they define the racist person (like a law that follows the racist spirit).

    I think it's a pity that the word "racist" is applied so liberally to all kinds of things.

    Having said all that: I think I understand how a movie like Black Panther is wildly appreciated. A lot of people desire the sort of public recognition you get when a group that you identify with becomes a thing in Hollywood (or whatever your point of reference is). It would be great, if we could leave it at that: Whoever wants to be represented (as a group, minority, community, ...) in Hollywood shall get what they want - as soon as producers, directors, story-writers find each other to create such a piece.

    It should go without saying that there's no right to be represented in any way by Hollywood.

    There are other things you could criticize about Hollywood - and gladly no-one does, it would just ruin movies:
    • In movies about WWII, everyone speaks English (of course, it's Hollywood), and the Nazis get a British accent
    • The evil-doer in many James Bond movies looks suspiciously Germanic - mean prejudice there!
    • Whites are not fairly represented in the cinema of India - if they are featured at all, they are often "exotics"
    • Women are sexualized beyond all what's fair
    • In the typical love movie, women are routinely presented as moral authority - which is unwarranted (as if men were less capable of ethical behavior than women)
    • Ugly men and women are underrepresented in any movie. For some reason actors have to be good-looking, creating an entirely false image of whatever any movie shows relating to real-life persons
    • The boring life of hard-working lower- and middle-class men and women is underrepresented - or represented in a bad light. (the working class couldn't care less, though)
    • ...
    There are exceptions though - and I love those exceptional movies. And I can totally see how Black Panther could be such one movie.

    E.g. American Beauty does *not* show the morally superior woman in a more or less stereotypical relationship. In that movie everything's fucked up and it's so real!

    Than there's Downfall (Der Untergang) which shows Hitler both, as a human and as the devil he was. The "devil"-scene made an especially big impact because the way he acts is so plausible - revealing how humans can have a dark side (that - maybe - happened to define Hitler ... what do I know).

    In "City of God" there are three black main characters - and they all so incredibly different - you wouldn't think about them as "black" because the film portraits them so vividly ... like you wouldn't think of a good friend in terms of some superficial features of them.
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    The sjws weren't the toxicity they are today when the blade movies were in theaters. Plus black panther is from an African culture, whereas blade is not. They will "yay African culture" while not actually knowing anything about African culture. fe8eb31cdd4d9a764f04b7663f1849caf221cc283568de20017f71fa0297b141_1.jpg
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    Comedy movies can get away with an ugly main character. I haven't heard of anyone who finds Jack Black or will Ferrell good looking.
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    Its because vibranium is magical in nature. It is other worldly. Using it unlocks infinite possibilities.
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    If you don't see the difference between blade and bp I don't know what to tell u.

    1. BP has mostly an all-black cast and is set in a (fictional) African country.

    2. BP is a major mainstream character. The biggest solo release from Marvel to date. That is much different than a rated R blade which didn't have the commercial appeal. You cant compare the impact of a family-friendly blockbuster to a rated R blade.

    I truly don't understand why people (mostly white) care what makes other people happy.. People like this seem to be more snowflake than the SJW they are attacking.

    Let people enjoy a movie jeez.

    As a black comic book nerd, I was hyped when I first read BP because there aren't many black characters who were written like he was. Why shouldn't people be excited? Why does it matter to you guys?

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