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  1. SpotlessMind24

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    Hey boys and girls
    I am on day 97 of No PMO hard mode.

    It worth it? Changed it me? Placebo? Waste of time? What is it?

    Well let me write what happen to me and decide yourself my friends.

    Who I was?
    I was fapping to hardcore porn, incest, and all this extreme stuff(normal videos was too boring), was like a loser in my room with fear someone may catch me
    Becouse of it I was totally inconfident with a low voice and tired visual aspect
    I was losing my time for video games a lot
    No motivation at all to do something in this life
    I was basically a loser, yes I consider that lifestyle was just a waste of time.

    Who I am now?
    I found a job(almost the best I could find)
    I meet a girl at the job, she is now my girlfriend. (I love her, and she me)
    My thoughts and speaking now improved a lot, I am simply much more mature. I was promoted at job after only 2 months.
    My visual aspect changed(I was not expecting that). My jawline and facial hair look more mature
    My reaction changed I am not anymore shy, I say always say what I think and people around me say I changed a lot in last time.
    I enjoy all aspects in my life
    I am motivated to do things no matter big or small things.

    Now PMO for me is just a joke, in one moment I just realized life is one. And I waste it. I am the own builder of my life. I stoped visiting this site, I blocked porn. I acted like this never was in my life, I didnt even count the days, though my counter here say 97 days.

    (Remember my friends its not easy, you will fall many many times as I did, but dont upset, Rome was not built in one day)
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  2. Pursuit__Of__Happiness

    Pursuit__Of__Happiness Fapstronaut

    Your story is an inspiration for people like me. Thanks bro for sharing, and best wishes for your life.
  3. Quints

    Quints Fapstronaut

    Great job man, hoping to achieve what you achieve in my journey
  4. JimSwe

    JimSwe Fapstronaut

    This is my 45th day. I truly hope to be in your place 25th december at 100 + 1 days. That +1 is important to me to feel it's not only a goal but a new beginning. Thank your for the story. You are a great inspiration. Good luck with the job and your girlfriend!
  5. Harry Maclad

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    Thanks for the inspiration. Success stories from people like you motivate me to keep going an know that it is possible to abstain from PMO for such a long time.(seriously There were times I thought it was impossible for me to be free of Masturbation and that M was normal, even though its the reason why I am depressed and unmotivated to do anything). Congrats to you for making it this far and thanks for sharing your story.
  6. SpotlessMind24

    SpotlessMind24 Fapstronaut

    Remember for what you do this in moments when you are close to fall again, and remember after you will fall the only way is again to stand up, and the only thing you do is just pushing yourself back.

    Be positive even in the most dificult moment, and dont forget life is one and it is going away every secound.

    Best of luck

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