Almost 200days close friends gone no relationships

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Phillycheesebomb, Apr 22, 2019.

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    I used to be tight with all my buddies but i have always been a shy guy around my friends and girls. I was never one to talk about the girls with the guys cause i havent been with many. One of my good friends growing up after highschool came out that he was gay. This really took a toll on me never in my life would i guess he was gay. I was embarrassed that i was even friends with him. I dont speak with him anymore, and what upsets me is people knew that i was friends with this kid and i havent had a girlfriend in years, i get the feeling from some of my other friends and even family think that i am gay just because my friend was and i havent had a girlfriend in years. Been almost 4 years since i have had sex and the last time i did i couldnt get off it was a bad situation. All my friends found out about it and it made it worse. I decided to start NoFap and im very disciplined person and have almost reached 200 days but havent gained much confidence because i dont talk to my friends much anymore because im afraid there going to ask were my girlfriend is or who im having sex with i have no answer. Same for my family. Im shy and would like to get out more but its hard for me and also to do it by myself. Please help
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    Hey Philly first off congrats on the 200 days, that's quite an achievement. Do you have any tips that helped?

    Have you considered any kind of club maybe martial arts, chess, board games, sports. That way you won't need to focus too much on being shy as you will be focused on the task.

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