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    I am 20 y/o and haven't pmo'd now for around 25 days, and im feeling a bit better. I think my anxiety is way less, I don't constantly think about what could happen when i'm around people. Also, i'm talking to my family more, and i sit with them more often. It doesn't really feel completely natural yet, but at least i have the guts to open conversation with them in a spontaneous way. I got with a girl a week ago after partying and she gave me a bj. But i couldn't get an erection, otherwise i would have fucked her. So i guess the ed is still there...
    Now i'm thinking if my succes with this girl is because of nofap or i would've got her anyway. I must admit that I have edged pretty much. never watched porn, but just fapped to pretty girls on insta f.ex., no naked pics. Lol sounds very pervy. I never edged for long duration, 15min max. What do you guys think?
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    Practice focusing your mind. NoFap is the only the beginning.

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