Almost 6 months in. Here's my new learnings. And a new challenge for the next 1.5 years

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    Here are my thoughts and what I've learned so far. I had a 69 day PMO streak before hooking up with a girl, and later finding someone special who's now my girlfriend.

    1. It's a habit. Going home and watching P was something I did mostly everyday. And when I was bored on weekends as well. Guess what - now I don't think about any of that. I do think about P sometimes before I'll say to myself:" Well, I would like to just open the browser and check some videos).", but that's as far as I go. Getting this far taught me that I don't really need it. I've also learned to control my urges for dopamine. I'm still not cured because the other day I purposefully went through a section on 9gag to check out women. It's just like an addict who just wants that small kick of dopamine to keep me happy.

    2. Telling your partner does make things easier. You can also use noFap as a way to spice things up and say that you're really horny and you need your partner. I think my girlfriend finds it funny and sexy that I save myself for her.

    3. S did get better for me. Not doing M have probably increased my sensitivity a bit, and it does feel good to be loving my partner. I have PIED (Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction) and I find that it's much better now, even having an O in positions I usually didn't have. I am honest though - I still have to fantasize about other women sometimes, but it's much less. I feel very happy to be able to feel my partner and focusing only on her.

    Lastly, my partner is moving to another city to study. We will be having a long-distance relationship and seeing each other physically every few months or so, and communicating more over text and video. I think these 6 months have prepared me enough for what's to come, and we're happy to continue the relationship. I feel she has potential and she is also wife material. We'll see how things go. I'll definitely post again on how it's been for the first months before I see her again.
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