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almost cured of pied (16 y.o) day 90

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by _most.high_, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. _most.high_

    _most.high_ Fapstronaut

    hey guys, ive just been chilling, im no longer that worried about my pied because of the steady progress ive been making, i no longer depend on a screen to have sexual gratification, and during these 90 days ive had no urges to watch that porn shit whatsoever, i was a hard addict before tho, needed some seriously messed up shit to get turned on and eventually couldnt get hard with a woman at age 14-15 took me the rest of the year to figure out what was going on and this year i made changes.

    this shit really works

    but ill be leaving this forum
    ive learned that focusing on my erectile problems just made me depressed and it was unhealthy to think about this every day of my life, but even tho this forum was theraputic, it made me really depressed to see the same shit over and over, a bunch of guys relapsing like its no ones business, saying "ill start tomorrow" . i know the binge cycle is a trap, but Jesus , if you really want it youll get it, youll actually make an effort to stop watching the shit.

    anywyas i have zero attraction to porn and no temtations at all

    i guess ill just give you some motivational information about my PIED recovery so far tho
    ive done posts from recapping up to day 60 or 70 something , idk check it out if youre interested.
    anyways i was unable to achieve an erection to fantasy , touch, the sight of a naked woman, or doing anything sexual, my pied was severe. Even the messed up shit was starting to get old and i jerked off subconsciously noticing my weaker erections. and boy was the porn i needed to get hard dark, i mean unbelievably vile.

    anyways yeah, day 70-90 pretty chill, i have ups , i have downs, each depressive state is progressively better than the last, i have frequent morning wood(non existent before reboot) and recently (day 80-90) i began noticing how hawt woman actually are, as in it turned me on, i never got aroused by looking at a normal woman (that wasnt enough) but just talking to women turn me on, frequent morning wood still but not daily, and there always 100% . Heck, all my erections now are almost 100% . lifes just better in general, i have great focus no brain fog or whatever.....and a bunch of other stuff .

    im nowhere near recovery and i dont mind the wait, im rpaying for all the free porn i watched with this hellish process called a reboot, but it is what it is. honestly im 60% sure i could maintain a boner to smash rn. but i wont get my hopes up, i know how much i fucked up my brain, ill say atleast 6 more months of rebooting at least, before i try sex again, too scarred from previous experiences. Its really pathetic being impotent because you have no self control fellas, stay on your purpose.

    Ending remarks
    this issue is a more recognized problem than you know, i saw this indian video , and it was a 3 part series of porn effects and curing pied, and it has like 380k likes or something i dont remember its called asli mard on youtube if you wanna check it out, the captions translate to english.
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  2. Sobretension

    Sobretension Fapstronaut

    great progress man. wish you the best
    also, i have a few questions? how were your erections during the 40 day span? mine are almost 100%
  3. _most.high_

    _most.high_ Fapstronaut

    the quality varies in the different time spans, e.g. day 20-30 hardly erections, 40-50 consistent hard erections, 50-70 not many, you get the point, its different for everyone tho, but right now i had morning wood 5 days in a row , which never really happened before, i usually had them 2-4 times a week but never in a row . ill have to wait a few more days to see if its oficially back
  4. Sobretension

    Sobretension Fapstronaut

    Oh i see. Well, congrats on your journey.

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