Almost That Time Of Year Again

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    Hey y’all. This is the kid who has done my holiday challenge since age 13. My fourth season begins this Thursday. I can update everyone as to what’s been up. Yesterday marked 3 years since I made the decision to change and today marked 3 years from day 1.

    So? What happened in the last 11 months. Lots of things. I grew up a lot. I got many new friends last spring and reaped the benefits of bettering myself for a girl (didn’t get her but that’s okay). April to June were major highs. I hit my stride. I turned 16 and got my permit this summer, but when I returned to school, things weren’t looking too good. I had to regain all of my confidence again. This took me a while, and I’m still going, keep in mind we hit the 3 month mark this week. I struck gold Thursday and Friday last week, some of my best days in high school. Then, of course, something had to bring me down. What was that? Wrecking my soon to be car in an incredibly preventable accident yesterday afternoon. It sucked. I’m 90% certain I totaled it. The airbags went off even though they were absolutely not needed and that cracked the windshield, and I may have bent the frame of the car. Not fun. I’m in a lot of emotional distress and pain from this, which will persist if my car is totaled and I lose my ride which was literally gonna be given to me the day I got my license, which would have been early or mid February. Now I probably have to save up for a crappier one for later, this is what many kids have to do but I’m pissed because I feel like I threw it away. It was all my fault in the accident, one bad decision screwed me BIG TIME.

    NoFap can hopefully help me heal this year, I just hope my life turns out all right and my car. 28 days to heal a little bit boys, I really need it. I will be back by Wednesday night. Bye all

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