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    Hey, I'm Bo, a "sexual" alter in a DID system. Use whatever pronouns, my gender's one of life's great mysteries; everyone uses She/Her tho. The female body's 19, I've been here since like 10/11. Most of my time in control of the body is just spent doing what we're all here for, and I'm a little sick of not having an identity besides "the Goth Girl taking up everyone else's time with her horny OCD and making the asexual alters uncomfy". Starting today, I'm just plain stopping. One of the others already downloaded a site blocker for my normal haunts and I guess I'll like put the toys somewhere hard to reach for this short meatsuit. Am I allowed to say "toys" here? Whatever. I'll probably be nagged into getting a hobby and figuring out who I am besides "Horny".
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  2. Hello and welcome! :)

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