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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Mankrik, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Mankrik

    Mankrik Fapstronaut

    There exists a forum where there is a doppelganger for every user on this site and everyone tries to use PMO as much as they possibly can.
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  2. Ongoingsupport

    Ongoingsupport Fapstronaut

    I suppose breaking the streak would be forgetting to fap for a whole day..
  3. HatePorn

    HatePorn Fapstronaut

    And the website name is
  4. HatePorn

    HatePorn Fapstronaut

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  5. avatarivn

    avatarivn Fapstronaut

    My doppelganger would be so bad at fapping, constantly relapsing into Nofap and bingeing on outside activities and real sex. o_O
  6. HatePorn

    HatePorn Fapstronaut

    And everyone will have opposite user names! You will be there Femalekirk.
    I will be LovePorn.
    @Ongoingsupport will be Offstoppingneglect
    @Sarah Walker will be Sarah Stayer
    @Deadlihood will be Livelihood
    @tweeby will be ybeewt
  7. Gotham Outlaw

    Gotham Outlaw Fapstronaut

    You would be love porn and I would be Morty C-137.
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  8. HatePorn

    HatePorn Fapstronaut

    @Rick C-137 will be ɹᴉɔʞ ɔ-ƖƐㄥ
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    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    Haha, can you imagine? It'll be a help forum on how to fap to things. And unlike here, it'll be against the rules NOT to have a shirtless avatar or a sexy girl pose.
  10. Ongoingsupport

    Ongoingsupport Fapstronaut

    Porn would be extremely rare in that universe, it'd be like finding the Dead Sea Scrolls in this one.
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  11. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    Keeping it in the family, I thoroughly approve!
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  12. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    A.K.A or Pen Island dot com (Deadlihood's favourite url)
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  13. I looked that up and there's acutally a member here called that but he hasn't been on here since the summer.

    There's also someone on Twitter called that and it says the following in the bio: Men's fraternal community celebrating the complexity of healthy male sexuality & emphasizing the unifying behavior practiced throughout our lives- masturbation
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  14. truthseeker17

    truthseeker17 Fapstronaut

    On the alternate universum people would be smart and actually use their brains.. They would be loving, caring and doers of good. They would not be depressed, sad or feeling alone. They would be happy and satisfied. They would have no worries. They would be enjoying and not know any pain or hardship.
  15. {Ananta}

    {Ananta} Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    my opposite is foundcloud an he'd be stuck on day 1 for 365 days
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  16. HatePorn

    HatePorn Fapstronaut

  17. vxlccm

    vxlccm Fapstronaut

    That was the old me I left behind in the parallel universe. Like that movie The One. Because martial arts makes everything cool. I mean... right?
  18. Protagonist

    Protagonist Fapstronaut

    In the panic button instead of motivational stuff there would be pornographic content.
  19. &&&&&&&&

    &&&&&&&& Fapstronaut

  20. KS1994

    KS1994 Fapstronaut

    The forum will be full of articles titled "Is my penis small enough? plz hlp".

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