Alternatives To Fight Stress/Depression?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by WΔZ, Apr 1, 2021.

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    I have Epilepsy and it seems it has been getting worse since I've stopped watching porn and now started to try and stop masturbating. Music, Movies, Gaming as well as Anime are my top yet if I get really stressed rather than playing Battlefield or listening to Slayer I used to take 5 minutes to watch something and you know the rest.

    Stress triggers my Seizures, and considering I have no Alternatives at the moment thanks to not being able to drive and due to where live. For two weeks I've been having at least 2 everyday and I wasn't like this before.

    Any ideas?

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    Some things are not totally clear in your post, but I will give my honest opinion to try to help you.
    Anime sucks to deal with stress, it doesn't help that the only thing that happens there are fights and exacerbated emotional shit. Gaming really doesn't help too, I love gaming, but it doesn't help if you're playing 90% of the titles out there. Gaming is supposed to be fun when challenging, but challenge can also cause stress. Movies are a good one, but if you watch too much movies you will get stressed too. Movies contain fake relationship between people, or acting. I love movies again, but what you see is something that is not natural, it's just acting, so don't stay all day watching movies because it can and will stress you. And finally, music. I love metal, but if that's all you listen, it can get stressful. Slayer is thrash metal, which is good to listen when doing something like working out, but if you listen to it while doing nothing, it can get stressful real fast. I like exploring other music genres.
    I recommend you to try to do meditation from now on. It is the best way to fight stress out there, and the easiest one.
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    When it comes to both Movies & Music I definitely into multiple genres. Action may be my favorite yet I enjoy Drama & Romance but I do know they're just Movies. Music, Metal is my favorite but I enjoy everything from Classical to Alternative. Gaming I play multiple genres as well yet I haven't played online in awhile. I don't enjoy TV anymore the last show I enjoyed was Ray Donavon that's why I watch Anime as my TV.
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  5. Go outside, walks are always good, idk your situation but get in the iron jungle or get you some weights or calesthenics
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