Am Afraid I won't Recover :(

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by sirlibz, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. sirlibz

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    I find myself watching porn even when I said I won't. I can't stop it and my fear is that am masturbating and it's been years.. I don't even have a single sperm left in my penis anymore and am really afraid.

    Tried to stop it, the highest I've ever done is 2 days at most and I fall back in it.

    I work from Home, try going out In the mornings, but when I do, the urge comes back.

    Please give me your suggestions and would really like to talk to you guys. Thanks.
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  2. That'sJustDandy

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    Hi bud. I know this feeling, I feel like this sometimes, even though I'm just over 90 days.

    Try to have something to hope for - long-term or short. If it's just that you get a nice thing to eat, or a book you want after doing a week. I find that helps. Hope is powerful, so a hope that being sober can keep a hopeful future in sight might help.

    Try to have some things to do when you get tempted. Ideally in another room, etc - get tempted, leave and do something even for 5 minutes.

    Blockers, loggers, accountability software, etc - I struggle when I think I won't get caught. So it helps to know you will eventually. Software can help, it just thinking someone else you wouldn't do this around was there.

    Related to the last two, what about an accountability partner?
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  3. sirlibz

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    Thanks very much. An accountability partner.... If you Mean someone I can talk to, then I don't know about that. Too ashamed to talk about it honestly.... Tempted as am typing this but am trying to get my mind off it.

    Thanks so much for answering me, you're the first to welcome me on here and I do appreciate.
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  4. That'sJustDandy

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    Don't worry about it - this is tough, so we should share ideas.

    And I struggle with honesty too. And shame is a factor in that - my main fetish shames me, as well as porn use more generally. Aside from that, I struggle to talk about sex. This issue has seriously damaged things between partner and I (do has so much I've done - porn use, porn subject, lying).

    My advice is start to talk, practice openness. It's really hard, but addiction is harder to fight in your own.
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  5. 4eyedfox

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  6. sirlibz

    sirlibz New Fapstronaut

    Thanks, I downloaded and am reading it too, it's really nice and I hope I have enough will power to stop it.

    I seriously don't want my future partner to suffer because of the choices that I make now.

    PS couldn't reply with the links in it since am new here.
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  7. UnStunned

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    For now only focus on fixing yourself, don't worry about a partner or something. You will recover, provided you believe that you will. Read the book "The power of your subconscious mind." Its a great book it'll also tell you how negative thinking impacts our lives. Don't worry about what's done and what's next. Live in the present and give the present your 100%. If you do that, you will surely recover :)
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  8. phwrancesco

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    If you can't get over 2 days, you won't recover for sure.

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