am I a sleep walker or is there a ghost in my house?

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  1. I don't sleep walk. well, I didn't think I did until this week, but a creepy little incident at my house is making me second guess this

    backstory: I drink a ton of water. so much so that I stopped drinking out of cups and starting drinking out of a gallon jug that I refill every night. I fill it about half way once it's empty so it doesn't get too heavy and cumbersome. two nights ago, I refill it half way and put it in the fridge before bed, like I always do.

    I wake up the next morning to find the jug COMPLETELY FULL OF WATER. like, I couldn't put more water in it even if I tried. I know it wasn't a roommate cause I live by myself. and other than the water, everything else was the same in my kitchen, at least as far as I could tell.

    so, either I filled it up in my sleep, or there is a goddamm wholesome ghost in my house that wants me to stay hydrated. please be the second one

    I'm just a little confused because I was never a sleep walker before. can people developed that later in life? has this happened to anyone else here? I'm so confused lmao
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  2. I think it’s the second one. I have a older cousin who used to always sleep walk. One time years ago he slept walk downstairs and took a leak on the TV thinking it was the toilet.
  3. hahaha how does the insurance claim work on that one

    and @sleepwalking zig, if you could do some chores next time you sleep walk around the house, that would be just neato
  4. sev94

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    Such a nice ghost
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    ROFL! Thank you for this entertaining story! But try not to drink too much water. I was astonished to find out that, yes, you can overdrink. Too much of anything is truly bad.

    I think it's the first one. I know someone who's the exact opposite of you. :) He'd do the opposite of drinking excessively and it became such a habit, that when he felt like going to the bathroom, he'd sleepwalk his way, and after the deed was done, flush! I think your water filling habit is so much so that you filled it yourself. Alhtough a ghost, would've been nice...
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  6. Oh shit! :eek: Well, it could have been worse. Refer back to my first sentence! :rolleyes:
  7. Ecco

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    It was The Water Boy.
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  8. Ghosts don't exist, so out of those options sleepwalking.

    Also if ghosts did exist, that's a really lame ghost
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  9. One time I went to bed naked and woke up with a shirt on. Probably got cold in the middle of the night and put it on, but I definitely did not remember.

    It happens. It's probably nothing.
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  10. Well there's only one friendly ghost i know of. Our good friend Casper is visiting you my friend :).
  11. dev1001

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    Yeah this happens with me too. There are nights when I forget to lock the main door of my house. But when I wake up the next morning, the door is always locked.

    It's Casper the friendly ghost doing this.
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  12. Ghost exists ... My mother had seen a werewolf once at dawn, ran passing by our house. She told me it was very huge and covered by long black hair.
    And also I had ever lost my money. I kept it in my wardrobe, nobody in the room except me, I just live in the house with my parents. I think ghost had stolen it...
  13. not to sound like im impeding your comment. But is it possible that your mother saw an animal? And is it possible or parents stole your money or you misplaced it somewhere.. or you got robbed? Ghosts dont have much need for money now that theyre dead and all
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  14. I believe ghost is not the dead, it's never been human, it's an independent creature and existed long before human. Some human pet ghosts to steal money from the others
  15. Why don't you put cameras in your house so you will know who does that? You can earn money after uploading it to Youtube
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  16. Ghosts are real. Also spirits (forest spirits, house spirits, fairies, etc) are real. Aliens are real too. Have you ever dreamed about lying on a table with bright lights on top of you in a place similar to surgery room and then woken up with a sore anus?
  17. No, I haven't. I don't believe in Alien, but if they existed, they were just like animals. However I admit ghosts are real, we call them "JIN" or gennie in your language
  18. dev1001

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    There is something else in this world (which surely exists I can guarantee) that fears me more than ghosts, and that is bedbugs !!

    When I was living in a dorm, there was a bedbug infestation, and other than the bites, those creatures shattered me mentally and emotionally.
  19. There are witches who can summon those jins for certain purposes, for examples:
    1. To find lost items
    2. To guard garden, buildings, or paddy fields
    3. To steal money
    4. To kill people.
    And offcourse there must be sacrificial blood to summon them. My ancestor had had them, in the form of small horses , and lion's eye.
  20. I assume you Muslim? I'm not an expert on Islam but as far as I understand Jinni in Islam refers to any type of creature who is concealed from the senses of humans? Generally spirits, ghosts, demons or even angels. So how do we know that some of those Jinn are not aliens that exist in parallel universes or in this physical one but far away so they are using something like astral realm to travel here for whatever reason?

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