am I a sleep walker or is there a ghost in my house?

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  1. I have to correct your statement that Angels are not Jins, they are different. Angels and Jins are diiferent races. Angels were created from light. Jins were created from fire or flare, this includes demon (Iblis) and ghosts (which later have many forms and change their appearance into certain forms of supranatural things such as ghouls, banshees, the person who had died , werewolfs, even living normal creature)
  2. why am I not surprised that my topic about sleepwalking is turning into a religious discussion
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  3. It's about ghost
  4. Tie a knot around both handles on the refridgerator, one that is difficult to undo. You’ll need to wake up to undo it.
  5. Almost every thread turns into something about religion on here. Lol!

    This thread actually reminds me of a Reddit post that was talked about in an episode of Endless Thread.
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