Am I cheating somehow?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by brother89, Mar 20, 2017.

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    Hi brothers! Just want to say I'm f*cking amazed by this community. Sorry for the strong words, but yeah, this is just awesome.

    To be short, I live with ED since I started my sexual life (about 17) and today I'm 27. Can't say I have severe ED because I could handle good and healthy sex for many years with my ex GF, and in many other occasions with random chicks (even with bad PMO habits)

    But the thing is, in many occasions I fail in having an erection, and thanks to the knowledge gathered here I'm 100% sure is related to PMO habits.

    So I started rebooting PM a month ago , but I let myself have O with chicks and there is where I think the problem is hidden.

    Since then I cought myself going nuts after chicks, using tinder and going out with an urge to hook up with a girl (any girl).

    Just to illustrate you guys, this past week I've seen 5 different girls I have never seen before.

    I had sex with O on Monday with one of them with no big struggle to have an erection, and for there on I just went on little dates until last Saturday, when I choosed the girl I liked the most to come over my house.

    Guess what happened? No erection AT ALL! I was kinda confident because of the good recent experience but my lil buddy didn't work at all.

    Well, I'd like to discuss what you guys think of what I'm going through.

    Do you thing that I'm cheating somehow, craving for girls just to escape from the pain of truly rebooting?

    I don't think is nice to go madness after girls and I do believe in finding a special one, but sometimes I fell very lonely. I miss my ex too.

    Well, thank you guys for this wonderful place and hey, I'm so delighted by this knowledge that I'm pretty sure all of you are going to get better. This is real.
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  2. TetsuoAkira

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    I do the same thing, constantly working to better myself in social situations.

    I don't believe in pausing one area of your life simply because you are developing in another.
  3. The Wrestler

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    Try a week challenge, or two, and see how the sex is after. If you're dating a girl in that time, really try to get to know her better - I think that might pay off later. What do you think?

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