Am I flatlining??? Any advice would be helpful

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  1. On day 8 right now.
    I have gone farther than this earlier (upto 28 days) but have never experienced the flatline. And I think I do experience one right now. I'm feeling EXTREMELY LAZY! Literally, while I'm writing this out, I'm on my laptop and sleeping on my couch and just running my fingers over my keyboard. I swear I can fall asleep right now and wake up 6 hours later and repeat this a few more times! And I also feel my dick shrivel up inside. Haven't felt my dick or balls to be small in all this time. It just feels like they wanna get back inside or something!
    Don't know if I'm over exaggerating or anything but is this normal?? Even on my best streak I never experienced this amount of laziness at all. I can actually feel laziness coursing through my body if you know what I mean. Just feel tired physically for some reason, no idea why. And to make it worse my brain wants to doze off too. Not under any stress or anything. Just plain boredome.
    Help required!
  2. Fapstronaut

    This could be a flatline, what you need to do is be more active. Go to the gym, exercise at home, go for a run, anything. Get out of your head and into your body. Keeping active will increase energy levels throughout the day. Also you need to have a sleep schedule, this helps massively as sleep is so important and getting the right amount affects your mood and hormonal levels. To remove boredom the best thing is social connection, go out and see your friends, go and meet people, go and see your family, talk to people & socialise. Social connection kills depression & boredom. Good luck

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