Am I flatlining???

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by LordReshi7121999, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. So day before yesterday (on day 8 for me) I was feeling extremely tired/weak, almost flu like symptoms but without the sickness. Also my dick was shriveling up, I could feel it going back inside. Like my balls feel smaller for some reason.
    Today I'm feeling extremely lethargic. I slept for about 9 and a half hours and still feel sleepy. Plus my back is aching for some reason. Is this flatlining or withdrawal symptoms? My addiction wasn't as serious as a lot of people here but it has affected my life too. So any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Flatline means:

    No sex drive
    No urges
    No erections

    It can last from days to weeks to months. On rare occasions, even years. I’d observe for a week to know if it’s definitely flatline. You will KNOW when it’s flatline by then.

    When I had flatline, it doesn’t feel like a withdrawal but felt more depressed. When I had stopped the PMO for the first 10 days, it was a definite withdrawal.
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    Flatline can go beyond the absense of sex drive or erections. Some people suffer from symptoms like depersonalization, fatigue, muscle tension and pain, lightheadedness, loss of focus and memory and some more. Actually flatline may be just one symptom of post acute withdrawal syndrome.

    Everything you listed may be symptoms of (post acute) withdrawal / flatline: lethargic, weak, back pain, sleepy, flu like symptoms.

    If you have doubts you should be checked by a doctor, but to me personally it totally sounds like withdrawal. I had and still have almost all of these symptoms.
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    I'm 16 days in and have definitely felt a little depressed and not feeling as confident. This is my second attempt in NoFap. Last year, I hit the 90 day mark but I still felt a little depressed. I was angry for not seeing a change so I gave up at that point. However, this year, I know what to expect. I'm just going to expect a flatline from this point forward and just find other things to do that make me feel good.

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