Am I in a flatline?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by richmart101, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. richmart101

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    Hey, guys.
    Long story short, I am 24. been on&off on strikes and gave up my nofap program about 2-3 month ago and before I start again 3 weeks ago. In these 3 weeks, relapsed 2 times after 7-9 days each time, in my first relapse in fapped 8-10 times in 2 days, restarting again but relapsed after 7 days(not that I had to, more like out of boredom...), the last relapse was 3 times in a row, then restarting a new one immediately today is my 3rd day in current strike(the 3rd).

    BUT it has been almost a week that my penis shrank down and really soft(basically, it's just a piece of useless meat) I don't recall any morning wood recently(maybe I am wrong about it), my nuts are REALLY empty(it's just an empty skin and two spheres), have no sexual feeling toward porn or girls.
    I don't think I have depression or anxiety but often get easily angry while I am driving(I mean crazy angry, like how girls go on their period, this is not like me).

    As far as I've read for most people flatline begins later and after the first 2 weeks, since I have relapsed 3 days ago, is it possible that I am in my flatline?
    I am really worried about my sexual health(my penis size and nuts).

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Landomike

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    Hardmode for 7 and see how you feel bud.
  3. Ikindaknew

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    Nothing is gonna fall off. It will work when you need it for real sex.
    It's normal during flatline. You are running out of stimuli causing your brain/body to be aroused. This is the way to go. You can get a little mad, its because your brain is craves dopamine...

    The goal is to be aroused and stimulated by/with a sex partner in the bedroom, not to get aroused while using your computer or fantasizing about yoga pants-wearing ladies at the gym....

    You need "naturally-induced arousal" which is smell, taste, touching, physical stimulation with a partner to be what causes the stimuli...
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  4. DBug

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    The flatline sucks... big time. It is the main cause of setbacks for me personally and also many others I think.
    It's just horrible to have ones penis all shriveled up and useless and you wanna prove to yourself that you can get a "perfectly fine erection" by PMOing which then ironically sets you back on your way to an ACTUAL perfectly fine erection by natural stimuli.
    We just need to somehow get through it! Pursue your hobbies, meet friends, go out and socialize - things that keep your thoughts off porn and your flatline.
    It may take time but it WILL get better!
    And don't worry 'bout your health. The flatline is normal most of us experience it in one way or another.
    Keep going! ;)
  5. avatarivn

    avatarivn Fapstronaut

    In my humble opinion, you are not in a flatline because of withdrawal, but because of this

    You are just burning the dawn thing off by relapsing too many times per day. I think this is more similar to an overexertion of muscles.
  6. diamondboi

    diamondboi Banned

    Got that gummy worm dick syndrome.

    Don't worry it will come around. Once you are with a partner, and you see your dick come alive you will know all is well.
  7. richmart101

    richmart101 Fapstronaut

    Thank guys, I am with @avatarivn about me got flatlined! because it would be so soon according to the common report of flatline reported by people, but in next 2 weeks, I will know if I get flatlined or not.

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