Am I in love ?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by hd47, Jun 2, 2019.

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    Hope you all are fine, guys I have this question in my mind(title question), I'm trying to understand myself and what is happening with me.(Excuse my English please)
    1) The story :
    First I have to explain the situation, Im 26yo engineer i work in a big site in my country where are lots of foreign companies.
    it has been about 2 months i saw a beautiful girl who is working with one of this company which we work with, and my boss always send me there for work and to do communication with that company so i always meet this girl.
    the problem is i found this girl very attractive and i am always thinking of her, and when my boss send me there for me it is an occasion to see her and because of that i spend more time there hoping of seeing her.
    After a while i decided to talk to her and i did it, i asked her some questions about that company and i told her im interested in working in it etc...(i was just lying to talk to her), and i found her very kind and respectful (from her way of talking) because of that i became more attracted to her, so next step was asking her for her phone number and this is what i did then she responded to me : oh no Im not interested and repeated that
    i said why she answerd Im engaged.
    That was really not good for me because i got hurted, i spent some days very sad because she was my hope, and then i decided to forget all and to stand up and to focus on my work.
    the problem is I still have work there and Im still meeting her almost everyday and i noticed that when she sees me she is looking at me.... so i don't know what to do??
    Im planning to talk to her again and to give it another try.
    So guys do you think that this is love? I mean am I in love with her even i don't know her name?
    i have to say i don't have experiences with girls because i was really shy when i was young, another fact is i know that i look good.
    2)The problem with PMOing :
    Being a member here means that im doing nofap and im trying to avoid PMOing as much as possible, so far i don't think that i have a big problem with P, i don't have big desires to watch P like i used to do (thanks God), but this girl is making things more difficult for me especially with O, because during the day Im dreaming of talking to her and when i go to sleep i can't sleep until i have some dreams of having her in bed with me and doing sex with her including all my weird desires (alots of fetish and kink stuff) lol sometimes i feel im perver (P had grown my weird fantasy), and these dreams always finish by Fapping on my bed, sometimes twice or thrice, i can say that is not harmful like watching P but still bad mostly because i feel that i have less energy in the next day.
    Any suggestion? Tips?
    Thanks for reading my topic.
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    Well if your still feeling the same give it a go one more time see what happens. But it might make it more awkward for her since you guys are pretty much co workers and shes engaged. If she is engaged that means shes pretty serious with the other guy and wont let go that easy if you continue.I would of just stopped right there and ceased socializing with her further.

    I had an experience like this in the past where I was getting friendly with a co worker of mine. Making it short after talking to her while working she dropped the husband bomb on me, since I was being a bit flirty. I've learned its more difficult to get with a woman at work since most of them are taken. Especially the woman that are gorgeous. Also if they don't talk and just focus on there work most of the time, it usually means they have a man and are not interested. From my past experiences on the site.

    But over all I just want to congratulate you on talking to her and having dignity and pride for what you want.
    Keep it up and you'll eventually meet someone in the future. :)
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    yeah men i bet she gonna dump her man cuz of your sorry ass... just drop it, learn from it move on. Unless you wanna self-whip yourself more be my guest, do it again ask her out and make the situation more awkward...
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  4. sorry man but it wont' happen. saldy, a lot of men cant get the girls they really want. just ignore her. it will be tough at first, but you have to. its for you own good and her good as well. your lives are not meant to be together.
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    She is engaged, the best way of dealing with this is letting it go.
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