Am i in the wrong for flirting / talking to girls when i have PIED?

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    so when your physical with a female your PIED plays its part,or are you assuming you well experience PIED the next time your with a girly, with my experience yes just viewing P for a little,messes me up and gives me PIED, its plays heavy on the females mind too, you got to open up to her and let her know its not her that is causing E.D , they are good at taking all the blame and thinking its all theyre fault that they are not enough when in fact thats no where near the fact,
  2. There's no way the person pictures is 22 absolutely no. Maybe he posted a picture of someone else or maybe some or all of the profile is falsely represented. No 22 yo has those frown lines. The widows peak is possible but not the rest. Sorry bud no offense. I mean c'mon even the cash is fake
  3. Bro.... lmao I'm weak. That's toby from the television show The Office. You'll never see my face on here
  4. Ahaha like I said no offence
  5. @BuzzAldrin you can't get anything past me, but nice attempt. Who hasn't seen The Office in this day&age? I mean seriously man
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  6. No offense taken. Have you seen the show before?
  7. It has before 3 times
    Forreal. And i think before hooking up would be the most fair
  8. Ah yeah ive been meaning to watch that. The US version is pretty good as well
  9. Well imagine all the you tube cringe compilation videos rolled into one an then multiply by ten...add my life = UK office
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