Am i introvert?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Queek The HeadTakker, Oct 29, 2020.

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    So here is the deal im not a very talkative person by nature , specially in groups i dont talk that much , on 1 on 1 conversations i can keep them if i like the subject , in school presentations i always hated talking to audience ,never liked public speaking and i always feel nervous when talking to new people or at the begging of conversations (not much nervous and that is changing with nofap) , i was always quite shy with girls at school altough last years i talked more to them , it seams im an introvert but on the other part i like make people laught and can do that quite easily , im a bit of a clown an a joker that does stupid stuff and jokes with almost everything and for example at school i really did alot of crazy stuff that an introvert typically dont do ,and i always liked to be noticed and to people see me doing or saying does things .
    At gym today there was a guy at the ground doing an exercise blocking my away so what i did ? I jumped between him and keep moving my away , an introvert probably would walk around of the guy but i dont give a fuck
    Sooooo it puzzles me am i introvert? Because extroverts talk alot and i dont......or im a bit of bout like alot of people are? Give me your toughts please its a question i always had about myself
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    Why are you asking this question on a forum about PORN MASTURBATION ORGASM?
    Do you think you are going to get any reasonably informed answer to this questions on any internet forum?
    Do some work. Read a book on introversion. Talk to a therapist.
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    Introversion does not mean shy or anti-social, but that one finds one's energy in solitude, especially after having it drained from being in a group for a while, whereas an extrovert finds his energy in a group, almost siphoning it off other people (like vampirism - a crude analogy), and an extrovert starts to run down on his energy when alone for too long. Introverts think best when alone, whereas extroverts often need other people to bounce their ideas off of. Often when an extrovert speaks aloud among one or more people, he is really thinking outward and reasoning his ideas, trying to reach a conclusion. His speech is a stream of consciousness, not always ready conclusions in themselves, in other words. It can be important at times to recognize this when listening to an extrovert speak. Sometimes one can assist an extrovert in reaching his desired conclusion in the very dialogue, an extrovert's neediness. Introverts may be slower to speak when they are internally forming a conclusion first, and then only speaking aloud the concluding thought. Extroverts may seem like the life of the party, but then they can also get a little too loud for theirs or anyone's own good - that over-the-top laugh on a regular basis is often the sign of an extrovert. Introverts have gifts suited to careers that require focus and precision and working well on one's own, counseling, healthcare, listening to others, scholarship, writing, ministry. Introverts find inner tasks like prayer, meditation, solitary retreats, journaling, solitary hobbies, writing, research, reading, etc., enjoyable experiences. Introverts like their alone time, but it doesn't mean they are anti-social - they just need to get away from the group to refuel. It's important that an introvert sees this as a legitimate need and require others to respect their need for alone time and not be led into guilt or feelings of social inadequacy because it it. There is nothing inadequate about it. Both introversion and extroversion are simply different gifts in their own respective ways.

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    I think it's a legitimate question, and I've seem similar questions many times on this site. It's most appropriate in a forum titled, "Self-improvement." Oftentimes we use PMO to self-medicate inner aspects of ourselves, especially when we don't have a firm understanding of our personality traits or if we've been wounded in any aspect of our inner lives. Often the road to overcome many addictions is to walk a deep inner journey to connect all our fragmented pieces and to better understand what makes us tick, and to arrive at self-appreciation and self-respect, instead of confusion, shame, or guilt. That kind of thing. It gets deeper even when all this is mixed up with our own experience of our sexuality and the manner that we interrelate with other people.

  5. He asked in the self improvement section so it's relevant. He just wants peoples opinions/views not a fucking medical diagnosis..
  6. Hey man, I'm exactly the same as you in many ways.

    Do you prefer to be alone rather than in a group? That doesn't mean you don't like to be surrounded by people but I mean you like to be alone with yourself ? Thinking about your life and trying to understand how things work?
    Extroverts find it very hard to stay isolated because they get their energy from others. Introverts are much more focused on themselves. That's why they have difficulty connecting with people because they have purity inside. It's a kind of protection.

    Do you feel that you are different from others? In reality everyone is different, but introverts, because of their ability to reflect, to question themselves and to do this work of introspection, are more aware of their deep identity. This is why they feel out of step with others. and different.

    If you find it difficult to be yourself and you consciously or unconsciously try to please, to be accepted and not rejected, you are probably introverted.

    Introverts have more social difficulties than extroverts. It makes sense, but they are the purest. An introvert who works hard on himself or herself will eventually outgrow an extrovert. This requires realizing and accepting one's deep identity. Beyond appearances.
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    Why so salty? I get it your on day 7 and have alot of rage , its normal i also had that but it eventuallly go away sont worry
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    Thanks man ! Really helpfull ! Im a only child so im used to stay alone and i quit enjoy being alone and with what you said about introverts matched with me , that sense of introverts because i always tought an introvert would be someone that finds very hard to talk to persons and is always very low profile (witch im not) , what you said definitelly matches with me im always analizing myself (too much in my opinion) and i regulary think before talking

    I dont mind being in a group specially if it is a group of friends or people i identify to , but i like to stay alone precisely think about my life(other things also , i have a very fertile imagination) and trying to understand how things work
    Yeah man, thanks definitelly im a introvert maybe als because im only child and im used to stay alone ( altough Gods always watching an always present)
    About pleasing people , i dont like to please all people just the ones i identify to, i dont consider myself a nice guy . About being myself , well when im alone im much more relaxed , when with people im never 100 relaxed , so probably im not 100 myself when around people but im working on that an with nofap things are getting better

    Thank you all for your insights , really helpfull because the notion i got from introvert was a bit different, maybe thats the extreme introverts version
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  9. No your not a introvert I think you just lack confidence or get anxious . If you have reddit I highly recommend you to join the Social skills forum and the confidence forum it gives that idea why your sometimes outgoing because RN I'm in a similar situation like you have a sudden urge to have a conversation with someone put my lack of confidence kick in.
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    I dont have reddit, maybe i will try that social skills forum is always good
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    INFP here, no one actually notices whether you're an introvert or not. If people make small talk to you, they pretty much do it to everybody. Meaning that it actually doesn't matter in society.
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    I'm an introvert... I'm not shy but I hate small talk and meaningless conversations... I want to connect on a deeper level

    if talking to people drains you and being alone is like heaven to you, you are an introvert

    but I dont know you and it can be totally different
  13. All my life i thought i am the biggest introvert you´ve ever know since i get my ass out of my comfort zone and now i like small talk. People have an introvert and and extrovert side, the gap is individually.
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    I'm Introvert and there's nothing wrong with that. Period
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    I am an introvert and I love being an introvert. It’s where my strength is. I am great at research, writing and being thoughtful. But I also know I have to connect with people to further my life.

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