Am I Really Homosexual?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Jay.Rhone34, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. Jay.Rhone34

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    Hello, so I’ve been on and off with NoFap, today starts Day 1,pray for me lol. I’ve noticed when I go days without porn or masturbation I notice women, their lips, ass, breast, eyes etc. and sometimes I have fantasies. When I fap To porn Or just fap I don’t get turned on to women, just men, but now things seem to change. Could my homosexuality be linked to masturbation? Has anyone else discovered this?
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  2. It can be porn induced. The is a term called escalation where your mind is always looking for next most "exciting" thing. If you give yourself the time away from this your mind will right itself to where it would normally be. Read, learn and start making your plan.
  3. Tannhauser

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    This is 100% true
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  4. Joe92

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    I think nobody can tell you based on what you are sharing. There are tons of stories of guys who were straight and slowly escalate to homosexual content, then when they heal the addiction, the homosexual fantasies fade away. It's a fact. However, I don't remember any homosexual guy who turned straight after stopping porn when he'd always been gay.
  5. I’m with joe92.
    I’m gay and quit porn. Let’s see :).
    Hope my boyfriend won’t mind .
    Don’t worry too much. I’ll take whatever life will give me. I also notice women. I could also imagine having sex with them or sometimes ask my self how it would be. But for me it’s kind of a technical imagination. I’m not really aroused by it. For me it’s more like being able to tell if someone, man woman, animal, thing is beautiful. So I notice if a woman loooks really attractive. Doesn’t mean I want to sexually engage with her. I’m also sure I could love anyone.
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  6. Joe92

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    I'm totally on the opposite side. I've always been straight and getting older I notice men beauty and ask myself some questions. But picturing myself sexually engaging with them, I am disgusted. There are plenty of straight painters that painted masculine beauty, though they never been gay. Plenty of straight women who are nearly obsessed by feminine curves. It's just that being human, we notice beauty when we see it.

    With this in mind, everyone should experiment what he'd like experimenting.
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  7. Judas Johnson

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    I'm gay and through all my years of porn addiction I've never gone to straight porn or had heterosexual sex fantasies.

    Yes I've always appreciated the beauty of women, and their bodies but not in a sexual way at all.

    There a lot of posts here that say things about heterosexual men fapping to gay porn will pass and that's it's porn induced.
    Which I'm sure is the case for some.

    But not all, maybe some guys just want to explore their sexuality more, and that's absolutely fine.

    Keep it real guys :)
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  8. Why are men afraid to recognize male beauty and feel pleasure with other men? Str8 or gay are labels! We must be free to live our emotions without fears !!!
  9. Cobramzi

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    Dumbest shit i've heard all day, sexuality is not a choice, you don't get to decide if you're straight, gay or bi. -_-
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  10. I don't know the man but I don't think he said anything there about a choice. It looked like he was just saying it is sad that people have a fear of being stuck with some social label.
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  11. Zorglub

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    It's neither dumb nor shit. I think it's about pansexuality.
  12. Even some dont agree, respect is always necessary. Without that, theres no chance. Think all about.
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  13. glktglkt

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    You are not homosexual. Media and holywoods, and propaganda is trying to turn poeple to LGBT and homosexual. Maybe for 2 reasons - they are working with Evil forces against God. Or they are malthusianist. ( Malthus was an economist, check his thoeories.). I garantee that you are not Gay, bro just remind your self when you were kid, you wanted to be the strongest, the super hero, what s going on, wake up, dont let then destroy your life.
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  14. TimeToQuitNow

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    You clearly like women to some degree.

    Stop masturbating and watching porn and see if you're still gay
  15. Eshaan Jagwani

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    Hi there,
    I can completely understand and relate to your problem.
    I suggest you to visit a website (yourbrainonporn) where you can find related to the issue
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  16. glktglkt

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    Go out of this forum .
  17. ximin

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    so... i'm almost sure i'm bi at this point. so i realized i'm bi and i felt no shame at all. prior to that i thought i'm heterosexual. but if you feel like you've been turned on by stuff that should not turn you on, then you should definitely be alerted and take action to preserve your identity. if you embrace your new identity like i (well, secretly) did, then you don't have to worry about anything.

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