Am I still virgin?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by jk243, Aug 4, 2018.

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    It was in 2014. When I was porn free. I was 16 years old and curious about Sex. So one day randomly, my friend and I visited a prostitute hotel and decided To have Sex. So I was with a prostitute, and I introduce my ... in Her ... I didn't even know what I was doing and didn't even enjoy or cum. It was like only 5 minutes. I had some others expérience with girls and a porn addiction since 3 years but not sex. Did I stay virgin after this expérience ?
  2. I guess its up to you. Females break something biological when they loose it. Males nothing.

    Personally I consider jacking soo much to porn I became a zombie, got baby level intelligence and drive, back pain and 12 year old muscles, no social skills as lost virginity. To porn and my hand in private yeah...after one 100 jack offs, a male pretty much can guess well/imagine what woman intercourse would feel like. Watched so many men doing, one could give some advice every now and then lol. There ain't no purity in that. I think the word virgin means pure or something.

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    It’s also entirely possible for a woman to break it when they’re not doing something sexual. I’ve known women who had it rip when they bent down to pick up something from the floor, or squatting. Which is why I don’t focus on biological definitions of virginity.

    Honestly I’d say no as you did have intercourse, even if it wasn’t completed.
  4. Yeap, I know what you mean. Yes, theres a difference in actually doing it and not. But, seriously what's the big difference? Skill and experience in bed? Whether you did it or not, there isn't much difference in real life, as a person. Now if the 'virgin' person never jacked off, and is healthy and smart, yeah, staying pure and doing semen retention surely transformed them. But meeting someone in a bar or asking for directions on the street, weather they jacked off or did someone, I don't find that much of an actual difference.
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  5. Jason_Tesla_19

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    I'd agree that counts as virginity loss. I count it as oral/anal/vaginal intercourse, regardless of whether there is any orgasm.
  6. That reminds me, legally it counts as well, lol.
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    This is a good point. While I haven't had oral, anal, or vaginal sex, that doesn't mean I'm pure and innocent! Between PMO, and fooling around with heavy petting with a woman before, I've been corrupted, but I lack some common experiences. It's this lack of a common experience that I classify as "virginity", for lack of a better term. Maybe "inexperienced" is better?
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    "Penetration, however slight" is a common definition. I'd actually consider any genital-genital contact as counting, even without "penetration".
  9. Yes :)
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  10. Yeaaah, let's not go into detail. Some may get triggered :)
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    There, edited to be less "graphic". Sorry for any triggers!
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    Well, a girl already s*ck*d my D. So I don't think I still virgin

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    That biological thing your talking about is the hymen. and no, it doesn't mean your a virgin or not. that is vaginal tearing, It happens because when men were babies, their soft lubricant also known as foreskin was removed. Circumcision does not only affect men kiddo
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    Why is it worth talking about? I mean virginity in my opinion is a too huge topic. If you find the first real girlfriend you will start to get experiences with her. Thats, what it's all about. Virginity is mostly all in your head.

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