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    I'm so used to things taking forever. Want a degree? 4 years. Get in shape? Better be patient. But I saw the results of nofap almost immediately.

    After 12 years of PMO, and pretty much 12 years of PIED, it only took about one week to be cured.

    I can't count how many times I failed to perform over the years. I've watched girls with whom I had real connections walk away. Every possibility ran through my head. I thought I was asexual, thought I had performance anxiety, etc., etc. I always considered the possibility that PMO was the problem, but I never had the will to conquer the addiction.

    I was originally introduced to nofap when Tim Ferriss posted about it a couple years back. Still, I didn't have the will to go through with it at the time.

    I think the success stories were what pushed me over the top. When I thought about nofap as a cure for PIED, I was semi-onboard. But that motivation wasn't enough.

    The success stories' repeated mention of 'higher self-esteem' and 'more self-respect' are what really got me over the top. Within days of quitting, I felt so much better. I knew I wasn't quitting only for the PIED this time, like the 2-3 day stints in the past. This time I was quitting for myself. And I could feel that this time, the quit was for good.

    Again, only a few days in, I felt so much more confident and so much better about myself. I never knew it could have that impact. Porn, to me, was just kinda wrong. Especially some of it. Quitting took me out of that world. No guilt, no regret, no self-hate.

    After about a week, I hung out with this girl I've been seeing pretty much bi-weekly for YEARS. We'd never had intercourse, believe it or not. My erection would dissipate prior to entry every time. We'd finish each other orally. Again, this went on for years. She thought I might even be gay!

    So a week into nofap, she came by. This time my erection stayed strong. It was incredible. And I came from penetration. I didn't have to do it myself after pulling out, or count on her oral skills.

    It's been about 30 days. I only O with women. I did break once when the same girl sent a few pics and got me there over the phone, which sucked because the next day at the bar, a girl was into me, but I feared going home with her because I knew I had PMO'd and didn't want to deal with the potential humiliation of failing to perform. I didn't pursue her with the same 'umph' I've had during the streak. It just reinforces the benefits of nofap.

    After I broke, I really had to fight the chaser. A couple days after my relapse, I started to PMO again. But the fear of regret crept in and I stopped myself mid-session. Clicking on to nofapcom/forums really helped.

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this cause. I wish I could have the last 12 years back. But I'll make the most of the rest of my years for sure. To anyone on the fence, just do it man. Especially those suffering from low self-esteem and/or PIED. It's a way better cure than anything else. You'll thank yourself someday. Good luck!
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    That's fucking great. I am only 15, most might be thankful for me that I started early, but they have no idea how much porn did alot of damage on me. I am hoping for a nice recovery as well. This is an inspiring post.
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    I don't believe you!

    LOL, Just kidding. Proud of you and thank you for your story. It helps.
    While I know that it might take me a bit longer, the road with not using porn is the only way to go.

    Keep up the good work, pun intended!
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    Thanks fellas. Stick it out, for the long run. Puns everywhere.