America is Taken Over Britan

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  1. The British seem to think the EU is a threat to their nation identity but don't seem to care what America is doing to them. Leave the EU embrace Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix, NFL.

    This goes to show that America is the most powerful nation in the world.

    One thing that isn't mentioned in the article is how the NFL plays several games in London, but I think it highly unlikely the Premier League will get to play any games in America.

    Don't get me wrong I don't hate America, I'm just merely pointing out how ridiculous nationalism is. I'm also stating what I've thought for a long time - it's not the White House that makes America powerful, it's Hollywood and now Silicon Valley.

    Anyway, if you're British do you consider America a threat to your national identity? If you're American how do you feel about your country effecting other nations? Would you be happy if the British turned into some sort of European Americans?
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    Thanks for this news budy.
  3. The British had one of the largest empires in the world, so who the fuck are you kidding with this? USA isn't doing anything the British haven't done first.
  4. I can tell you aren't from America. It's true, America is the strongest nation in the world. But not bc of the NFL and hollywood. It's bc of our military, more pride in our country then any other country, and diversification. The landmarks are just for show.

    Talking more about Britain and the US. Not meaning to bring up the past, but the past is what built nations up and the future is where its going. We embarrassed Britain. Demolished them. Imagine an entire army, an entire kingdom, getting absolutely wrecked by their own people. That's something that you can't come back from. So right there, this ends.

    Is America a threat to Britain? Nah. But if we decided to, it would be even worse than before. We have no reason to be hostile towards them bc the revolutionary war was lifetimes ago. They have no reason to be hostile towards us bc they wouldn't take that chance again.

    How do I feel about my country affecting other nations? They do affect other nations and I feel great about it. We got a late start and we still wilding on everybody.

    Britain will never become European American. It just won't happen, there would be zero benefit for us.

    Overall Ive been to Britain twice and know alot of British people, cool people. But America is more superior in every term. But that doesn't mean we're necessarily better. It's subjective
  5. Keyword: "had"
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  6. Yes, I know that's a key word hence why I used it in my sentence. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.
  7. Well then it should be obvious your statement was inaccurate. The US has done far more things the British has never thought of. Your statement would've been accurate in 1600s
  8. Name some.
  9. It would be easier/faster to name the things we've done that the British had "thought of before"
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    It makes sense that other cultures want to be like ours. We're the best! :D
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    It's amazing how brain washed Americans are :rolleyes:. In my personal opinion America has been a plague around the world. A good example of Americans thought process; during the ebola crisis Cuba sent doctors and nurses to affected areas. America, soldiers of course hahahaha. And yes I'm against nationalism, we live in a world in which you can travel easily (for the most part). Why do you wanna be stuck on a tiny island, or a country as big as America. There is no best country in the world, people need to travel more...
    If only America diverted 5% of its military budget onto education and health care, Americans would have free Ed and health care lol.
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  12. Thank the good Lord in heaven we don't have free education and healthcare. I dont think you understand how severly that would hurt our nation. Look at Obamacare and how much that set us back. Those ideas only sound good on paper, but in reality it's a shitshow
  13. We don't send civilians to deal with a deadly disease obviously. That's why we have the bravest, most dominant soldiers than anywhere else. I will admit thought that we need to raise military spending to increase salaries or programs to benefit our soldiers. Thousands of suicides of veterans, but people only like to focus on getting free college and domestic policies for "equality". Wake up.

    We need to increase military spending, better benefits for our veterans, and increase spending in police force. Decrease spending in welfare handouts and useless domestic programs that benefit only a small amount of people. People, in fact, that are to blind to even realize how lucky they are to live in a nation that gives them these opportunities.

    People think equality is free college, and same situations regardless of class or income. Equality is the ability to be able to make certain choices that will lead you to your desirable income/goals.

    Life isn't handed to you. You have to work and grind CONSTANTLY to acheive what it is that you want in life. Take notes bro bc I'm dropping some truth on yall today.
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    You guys are drugged on military and war.... How about planting flowers instead of bombs?
  15. Try 1920's. It wasn't until after WWII did the empire start breaking up. I don't even know why I'm talking to you?
  16. Same here
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    This guy is bitter af.
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