An actress makes $1 million USD on onlyfans in a day

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  1. Damn it. You really have to be the ultimate loser to subscribe and pay for OnlyFans.

    The lives of those dudes are pointless indeed.
  2. The worst thing? She became famous through some Disney crap which means a lot of that money probably comes from kids.
  3. I have a hard time believing it, but it wouldn't surprise me.

    And anyway, in the world we live in, nothing much surprise me anymore.
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  4. Krillin1993

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    If you ask me, there are alot of rich kids on earth..too many for my taste but they are hiding themselves from the society.
    And the percentage of those new born gold diggers who had never done a job are rising and rising. There is no way that someone like her earns so much money. If this News is not a Hoax then society is really lost man. Those Disney kiddies who were raised with watching their Disney series/movies are now becoming the rich victims and I am not talking about her.
    Why should I give her even a Dollar?
    There are millions of woman out there who look even like her. And those people are NO-Name People and some are way more atractive although I wouldn't rate people by looks cause this can trick you. People who I know would rate her as mediocre looking. Boobs and Butts has every woman. So why are people giving her the Bugs? Onlyfans is a modern online prostitution for woman who are begging wether for money or for acceptance. Cause they are so empty inside. This woman is already getting money from modelling and from the TV sets so she doesn't need to do show her nude pics or videos besides instagram or whatever. Or are people so needy for Fame to do that? 1 Million Dollars are really alot of money.....but I guess she won't give food to homeless people with that money for whole USA right? Because for her it is probably more honorable to show herself naked to the whole world and get the money instead of doing really useful and heartmelting good things for other people who need help. But those people have such an egoistic/materialistic mindset that I could puke.
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  5. ShadyPerson

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    It is indeed depressing to see how degenerate our society can be at times. Although you can always make yourself feel little bit better by reminding yourself that her success isn't necessarily away from you and the people paying her are using their personal freedom to do so. It's not much but might be enough for you to redirect your thoughts to what matters: the things going on in your own life.
  6. fredisthebes

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    I rather suspect that 'stories' like this are thinly veiled adverts for that website. Don't be curious, there is a sucker born every minute, don't let it be you.
  7. Yeah it sucks, but things like this never last long & will loose it in time, either by looks fading or till simps realise they have no chance, it’s just a matter of when.
  8. red gyarados

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    I wish my body was worth that much
  9. I can't take anyone selling nudes on OnlyFans seriously.

    An ex of mine does it now. When we were together she was so lazy and never tried to study anything, never tried to get a real job. She just lied to our government to collect more welfare than what she should have been getting. Now she has an OnlyFans. I cannot confirm or deny it was me, but I have a feeling someone may have reported her OnlyFans to our welfare agency so they know she has an income.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. idonthaveaname

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    If there are people who pay for porn, there will be people who pay for OnlyFans. What has humanity turned into?
  12. Yeah I'm not surprised as ot seems to be most women, not all as I can imagine some doing it out of desperation, as with the drama of IDubbz girlfriend doing it recently decays she's not doing well in streaming & instead of working on a better entertaining personality, straight to the Onlyfans. As you say it seems just fir the lazy with decent looks trying to make use of looks whilst they still have it, instead of working on themselves to do better for them selves
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  13. red gyarados

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    To be fair looking good does mean working on yourself. Not defending women who treat men like credit cards but there’s a lot of things that are fixable
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  14. Why are people so triggered by women benefiting from capitalism?

    When a woman wants to be a CEO or have career ambitions, all the cuckies come out and say "oh no you can't do that, that's a man's role. Women need to stay home and raise children and shit." But when women stay home and make money by taking pictures of themselves, they all say "get a real job you lazy degenerate."
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  15. Good to see you back dude.

    Yes, in olden times when women couldn't work they had to marry well or if widowed and poor turn to prostitution because unemployable. It was quite difficult for them to "win" back then. I know there are equal opportunities now, but who can blame the few who take advantage of the hordes of thirsty simps that want to throw money at them? How many men would seize the opportunity if women wanted to throw money at themselves? A lot more I'd imagine
  16. The male counterpart would be things like Kpop and TikTok/Vine stars. Jacob Sartorius type dudes. I can't really stand them but I don't knock their hustle. I don't get upset that I have to work while they get rich for being attractive. It just isn't my problem.
  17. Same here. Let people live how they wish. It doesn't effect me.
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  18. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind people making big money - quite the contrary, I'm happy for them!

    What I lament are the poor bastards who pay for it. Giving up time to pixels that could instead be spent with real girls is pathetic enough. Add to it the fact that they also give up money (which is more time, really) even if they don't have to because there are terabytes upon terabytes of pics for free out there and you're looking at a bunch of very sad sorry self-sabotaging cunts.

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