An application for breaking any bad habits based on nofap model?

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  1. Vijoy

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    I really liked the nofap model to get rid of PMO habit. In my point of view it's very effective. It has following components:

    1. Inspire you by providing material which give you reason to quite. Sciense backed
    2. Ask you to take a challenge
    3. Ask you to write journal about your progress
    4. We get motivated by reading other people journal and posts
    5. We can chat
    6. Panic button

    Can this model useful for breaking smoking habit, gaming habit, time killing habit, procrastination or others. Or can we use to create new habit.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Dake1963

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    Oh, I am surprised there have been no replies ! I essentially stopped abusive drinking and PMO-ing at the same time using the NoFap model. For me, at least, the PMO and the alcohol was a way of avoiding a lot of things I didn't want to think about, and not PMO-ing and not drinking, as well as therapy, has led me to living a much better life, not approaching 'normality', but towards a really outstanding life.

    I think that people don't want to live a so-so life, they really want to thrive.

    My feeling is that many people can get into regular masturbation and porn watching and alcohol drinking and it is not an issue for them. But for me, I just became seriously addicted in the sense that it started interfering with my day to day life. It is perhaps a bit sad that I can't have a glass of wine or enjoy a good wank and some stimulating porn, but for me, at least, it would be the beginning of a downward slope. So i see the whole NoFap thing as being much broader than just spending too much time on masturbating or whatever.
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