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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by MillionairePill, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Hi guys, I just want to share with you an application in Play Store that works like the day counter in the Nofap forum. It is called 'Sober Time', I'm using this for some months now, and I find it very useful and easy to edit.

    The way this application works is very simple. You set your starting date and hour, and the app will start counting days. You can reset the day counter whenever you want.

    I hope that this app is useful for some of you. I'm not advertising for this app by the way haha.
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  2. Muhammad99

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    Why Thank you for sharing such a wonderful App. I just downloaded it and seems pretty neat and User Friendly.
    It'll be a nice addition to help me in my Journey.
    Thanks again friend.
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  4. Zack Murphy

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    Thanks for sharing, gonna try it to remind myself.
  5. You can send me a message here in the forum. I will help you if I can.
  6. Muhammad99

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    Wonderful man.
    What advice or tips can you give me who's on road to recovery from PMO?
  7. Well, you need to be disciplined, and you need to fight boredom because I think most of the times it's boredom that makes people watch porn. Also if you have a partner that would be much more easier than doing nofap on hard mode or alone.

    Don't argue with your mind about porn because you will find reasons to watch porn. When you are horny you can't control yourself, and you will search for reasons to relapse. I always say when I relapse this is the last time, but just after one day or even after one hour I would find myself fapping again.

    These are my advice for you, I'm still struggling with this addiction. I did NOFAP for 4 months one year ago, but I was edging. I failed doing that again unfortunately even with edging :/. This is it, my last advice for you is to never give up, this is not easy. You will definitely relapse many times, you just need to learn from your relapses.

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