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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by ultrafabber, Apr 4, 2019.

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    So this forum has a spam problem. Obviously it's impossible for mods to be on 24/7 BUT there are always actual users here all the time.

    The spammers will almost always have [1] a brand new account with [2] 0 posts or less than 10 posts (if they spam multiple topics) and 0 comments (not sure if the forum structure can differentiate between a topic post and a comment within a topic) and 0 likes.

    There are also multiple REGISTERED users all the time on the forum, users with a respectable account age (3+ months or something) and lots of comments and likes.

    There's already a "report spam" function that does nothing because it still necessary for mod to manually review it, which makes it useless.

    The report button will be split into two tick options [1] spam or [2] other.

    Now what you should do is allow for automatic removal of posts IF

    1. two or more "trusted" users report the same topic for SPAM (make it a tick box). "Trusted" user means anyone that is over 3 months or 6 months in account age and has X amount of comments/likes (let's say 50 comments and 50 likes but this can be tweaked as necessary). All users that qualify for "trusted" automatically get it, it won't be a manual and/or opt-in process.

    2. the topic reported is created by a new user or a user with less than 10 comments AND 10 likes or something like that.

    3. the function will not work for topics older than 1 day (to limit abusive reports). And in 1 day there will always be enough time for mods to remove spam.

    Now all you need to do is encourage the users to report spam (send a bulk message for everyone) and maybe set up a reward and badges (spam defender) or something (for x, y, z successful reports). And set up a warning that abusive reports will get you temporarily (3 days or something) muted. 3 abusive reports or something will permanently disable the report spam function for that account (remove "trusted").
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  2. So you won't have to just monitor the forums but also the report stats? Not great.

    Add a CAPTCHA to the registration form, boys. That should keep our non-human friends at bay.
  3. ultrafabber

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    They have to monitor the forum anyway. This way they'll get all the reports/removals in one folder and it will be obvious by looking at the title which one is spam. The rules i proposed ensure that there will be little to no false positives or malicious reporting.

    The main benefit is that those topics get removed much faster through community support.
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    I think that is already in place. So, it must be possible to circumvent it.

    Much of the spam has the title of a website advertising products.

    Could any thread with a web site address be auto blocked?

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