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    This is a follow-up for what I had described last week which can be seen as a thought-exercise repeated regularly, consisting of 3 steps of which I now give my example for the 3rd.

    They consist of imagining that:

    1: You're doing something that can be a pitfall, like [email protected], watching images, thinking about doing one of those, or thinking about anything with a real person. This includes anything non-s3xual like platonic love, because that is difficult to stop thinking about and can lead to other thoughts and actions.

    2: You become aware that you're doing 1. (That usually starts unconsciously) This is the key moment where you decide to continue or break out of it.

    3: The desire that initially moved you to start doing it and continuing it, now gets transformed into another desire.

    So, when imagining that you're at the moment of becoming aware that you're doing one of the wrong things, my example is imagining that that so called 'good' feeling that makes you want to start it and continue doing it, immediately becomes another kind of expression.

    It can be an emotion like being happy or finding it funny that you can make such an unexpected, complex, and important change in the way things work.

    Or a more productive expression, as if ideas of music or things to write down suddenly come up, or some long term desire like a goal or a solution for something. With those more complex desires it should be as a picture that you can imagine quickly being in the place of the original desire.

    The initial reaction you get with the s3xual related thoughts is very similar to all other kinds of motivation, just having a different manifestation. You can view it as an impulse in your head, pointed the one direction for the one desire, and pointing in the other direction for the other desire.

    You have probably noticed that while being in the zone with one action, it won't suddenly move to another. Either with the 'bad' one, and with more productive actions. For example, you can be so very focused on a game that you forget anything else and more time passes than it feels like.

    I'm not saying you can at will move to that when being hit with an urge or when already doing it, but just to illustrate that the same can be true for a total different activity. Including things you usually find very difficult.

    It can be anything to switch the focus to at that moment, as long as the focus is truly strong, it will be the new thing for which you forget anything else at that moment. It can be anything simple like trying to keep a picture in your mind for a while or think about something with numbers.

    After doing that for just a short time, not doing it will be as easy as before the urge started to appear, because now it has to build up all the way again.

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