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  1. I said to myself why not also abstain from anger beside abstenance from PM?

    What else you want to say "no" for besides PM and PMO?
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  2. Mankrik

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    Yes it's important to work on self control and understand yourself internally. Abstain from all the negative irrational emotions that are holding you back. Anger is a good one and just resentment towards others in general. We're all just people. Forgiveness and love are very powerful.
  3. So, I"ll be practicing noanger, too :)
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  4. Resentment-free life is good too. You can surpass your limits w/o comparing urself to others too often.
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  5. tiredofbeingtired

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    Anger is a natural part of being human. You can't stop it. But you don't have to engage with it and get wrapped up in it. You can simply acknowledge it when it arises, recognize that it is separate from yourself, and then let it go.
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  6. Ongoingsupport

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    PMO is behavior you choose to engage in, the feeling associated is not voluntary but you may choose not to act on it. Saying not getting angry is like saying you don't want to get aroused to PMO. You can try to avoid triggering things but for most it's going to be involuntary sometimes but you may choose not to act on the feeling or engage in things that may stir up the feeling.
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  7. Drift

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    Highly recommend investigation into alternatives to violence project (avp). Helped reveal to me deeper emotional awareness of feelings that occur before you get to anger and some good ways of reframing conflict and stress points.

    It’s a program used in prisons in the US and for more intense conflict resolution workshops in places like Rawanda after the genocide there.

    Quaker based beginnings, but non religious group.
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  8. franco216

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    I try to turn anger moments into learning experiences. My anger tells me: "It's their fault! The world is wrong! Why is everything so unjust? Why don't they understand?"

    The truth is, of course, that my anger is an inadequate reaction. And it's quite interesting to follow along my train of thought that leads to anger, process my emotions again and again and learn about what triggers my anger. I think this alone helps a lot to prevent anger from coming about the next time.
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  9. Avias

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    Emotions or anger it burst within a moment, so basically you don't know when you'll be angry.. but knowing that you may feel angry make you more peaceful.
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  10. DjAng0

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    With training over a long period emotions can be put in check by taming the baboon within.

    Some call it monkey mind syndrome. An untamed mind is a recipe for not being able to read future emotional forecasts to prevent disaster.
  11. lamstronger

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    No to procrastination, no to using social media a lot, no to wasting time
  12. FEEL

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    No to overthinking
    No to depression
    No to anxiety

    but I really think that the main reason to those 3 things was porn and masturbation
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  13. dragonslayer

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    No procrastination
    No fantasies
    No resentment
    No anger
    No laziness
  14. I agree.
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  15. Excellent post. Anger and hate are a waste of time in my opinion. Being neutral is better in situations you don't like, and is arguably more savage.
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