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    To start I want to define what a big urge is because this post revolves around it. Big urges are urges that last for hours and sometimes even days. They dont go away by taking a cold shower or going for a run, they stick with you until you beat them, or they beat you. To have success over one you must simply outlast it, and not give in to its temptations.

    Since starting nofap I have got to streaks as long as 60 days. The problem is, when I relapsed after those 60 days I didnt really feel anything. I relapsed and didnt even give a care to the fact that I made it to 60 days. This is because during those sixty days, I actively avoided big urges. I did whatever I could to not get them to begin with. That was my problem. To put in it perspective, I woukd rather go on a 5 day streak where I got a big urge and managed to have success ober it, rather than going 60 days where I never had a big urge to begin with.

    You can make it to 90+ days, but if you never powered your way through a big urge during those 90+ days, then when one does come your way you are surely gonna relapse.

    The Improved Formula

    Dont aim for just advancing your day count. Aim to beat those big urges that last hours and sometimes even days. Once youve beaten 3 big urges, I would say your doing amazing, and once youve beaten 10+ I would consider that being rebooted.

    -Have a concrete reason for doing nofap as this will help you get back on your feet after a relapse, and when you dont any conviction or reason to beat an urge.

    -Dont panick when a big urge hits you, just stay calm and dont give in to the temptations you get.

    -You gotta be toughen up because urges dont give you any slack

    -Become the best version of you that you can be, meaning getting fit, eating right, gaining knowledge etc. This just helps everything in life including nofap.

    -Learn from your failures. Learning from my failures is how I invented this new formula.

    -Urges have as much power that you give them, so dont give them any

    -Have someone you can be open with and talk about your addiction with, they dont have to be an accountability partner but having someone can listen to you or just even having a second opinion can be a great help.(I myself havent really been able to do this, but from reading others testimony, it seems to help alot)

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