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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Maggie, Dec 28, 2013.

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    When I read these posts on here about the married men struggling so hard, it makes me feel ashamed as a wife. Why do their wives not help them more? And then the answer came to me.

    One night recently my husband and I were snuggling in bed, and he was just holding my breasts, not "meaning anything by it", as he puts it, for we had already made love. He said, "Most guys have to go through a lot to get to hold breasts, but these are mine to do with as I please." I agreed, of course, for marriage is an exchange of persons, and my body is his, as his is mine.

    It was then that I realized it.

    The patterns set during the period before marriage, the patterns of fornication, are hard to break. The woman makes the man go through hell and high water to be allowed to touch her, to have sex with her, and these patterns hold after marriage. Married men are still required to go through hell and high water to touch their wives.

    No wonder men PMO.

    I am ashamed of my sex.
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    I love you, and I thank God every day for you.
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    Sex after marriage has become the subject of many jokes. It's sad. I'm happy to see a female posting here (although this is my first time on this forum).
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    Thanks for all this.
    Help us more? Indeed.
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