Anal masturbation

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by IggyIshness, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. IggyIshness

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  2. I hear anal masturbation is the shit.
  3. HappyDaysAreHereAgain

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    It has nothing to do with gay or not, it has to do with nerve endings. They are numerous around your anus and on your prostrate. You have no eyes back there to see who or what is stimulating you, but, whatever it may be, it does stimulate you. As such, it does not speed up a reboot. With your partner, it can be an enjoyable part of foreplay and intimacy.
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  4. Sith happens.
  5. Frühlingstimme

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    My worst post is more helpful than your best one.
  6. Frühlingstimme

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    @IggyIshness I would answer this seriously but you got me lost when you said you put knives and NoFap and stuff in your anus.

    Before my fans start complaining I'll share my experience on the topic, because no matter how crazy the post is, "someone" can always make it worse, caring more about side subjects or jokes, or simply replying a post with "LMAO" (my favourite)

    Iggy is young so we got to teach this little guy. (brace yourselves here comes the bomb)

    I played with my anus for a while, and it was nice for a time, then I stopped. Together with masturbation it may give a bit more of pleasure. I am finding it hard to believe no one else did this, but it's Ok if I am the only one. The right way to do it is cut your nails, be clean and use your finger in the asshole while you masturbate. If you do it right, you get more pleasure.

    any more doubts I can answer, shamelessly. We have gay fapstronauts who are much more experts on this but I shared my two cents on this thread. May the jokes begin!
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  7. IGY

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    I do not think that is a fair question. He may not know, he may be unsure, he may not be willing to state categorically what his sexual orientation is. In any case, I do not think the answer is relevant to this thread. The nerves that branch off to the anal area are from the same nerve that branches off to the genitals. :eek: A person can be straight yet receive pleasure from stimulating those nerve endings, wherever they are. I feel we should treat a fourteen year old with more sensitivity (IMHO).
  8. IGY

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    LMAO! :p
  9. Kennen

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    I've done this before..
    Im kind of embarassed.

    I don't consider it as a relapse,
    Maybe i should. Alright then :)
  10. IGY

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    I wonder why people do not consider anal masturbation requires a reset. It is just another way to get the dopamine which we crave. Some people get off to nipple play, maybe they cum from it. It is still a relapse because of the overstimulation of the brain's reward circuit to sexual activities.
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  11. DayOne44

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    Very good.

    Well said.

  12. steven968

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    As long as you feel pleasure and it triggered a dopamine rush; it's better to not do it.
  13. Guys I had some ice-water today, does that count toward my water intake?
  14. IGY

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    Yes. But what a random question in an Anal Masturbation thread. :confused:
  15. Undetekted

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    It's the prostate located in the anus (of a male) that gives a stimulating feeling. It is separated from the penis, so you can enjoy anal without enjoying penal stimulation. In the gay-world a person that prefers anal stimulation is the bottom, but it has nothing to do with being gay. A girl can use a strapon to give "bottom" heterosexuals the same feeling.

    It's probably individual whether prostate stimulation makes the reboot longer or not. But it does release dopamine and if you have problems with erections or orgasms during sex I would avoid it.
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  16. IGY

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    Yes, it does. But the prostate is more adjacent to the rectum rather than the anus.

    Nevertheless, the anus and can give much pleasure even when played with alone.
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    Iggy is so popular on here that he can be a troll and still get a bunch of thoughtful replies.
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  18. IggyIshness

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    So ya hatin?
    Im not a troll. How the hell am i trolling? THIS IS SERIOUS AND THIS THREAD IS SERIOUS
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  20. IggyIshness

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    We dont need your useless comments say that to yourself in your head
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