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    I am teaching some students of mine about emotional "anchors". These are things you do to anchor yourself when you feel depressed or anxious. They can also be used when you are tempted to lose a streak. I'd like to see if you find any of these helpful!

    Some include:
    1. Going on a walk
    2. Exercise (cardio, weightlifting, and HIIT)
    3. Eat right
    4. Drink water
    5. Hang out with your family/friends
    6. Medication (as prescribed by a doctor)
    7. Talk to a counselor
    8. Talk to your parents (maybe not about your issues, but just in general)
    9. Take care of someone else
    10. Pray, meditate, and read the Bible (I am a Christian)
    11. Take a cold shower
    12. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day
    13. Get off social media
    14. Make a list of things you are grateful for
    15. Make something with your hands
    I have already seen a lot of these self improvement techniques listed on here already, but I'd like to see a thread full of suggestions of things you have seen work in your own life!

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