*** and my Reflections on the NoFap Journey

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  1. Hello friends!

    I usually don't post in this section, but I wanted to bring to your awareness something that I find interesting, and that might help some of you on your way :)

    Some of you might know of Nikhil, also known as ***, an Indian-American Youtuber who started out talking about NoFap and progressively branched out into Productivity and Filmmaking.

    I have been watching him for years and I think this video captures the essence of what NoFap is to me: a tool to get better when used properly, but a toxic mentality when used excessively. He made a video on NoFap recently and it made me reflect on this community.

    Here's my opinion:

    As people who have a tendency to become addicted to certain behaviors, it makes sense that we take the discipline of not masturbating and/or ejaculating extremely serious; I'm not saying that ejaculation can't be unhealthy, but everything in life has a balance. It all depends on the intention and lifestyle of each person.

    Nikhil shares how he has gotten negative attention from the NoFap community in his videos, and I wanted to reflect on that for a moment.

    The point of not fapping is to become better versions of ourselves, right?

    Are we better if we start attacking those who we feel are "wrong"? Why can't we respectfully disagree with others?

    I believe that each person in this community has a unique story and purpose as to why they come here. Some of us do it to stay clean and lead better lives, both for ourselves and the people we love. So when I look at someone, regardless of their practices, I remind myself that just as I want respect and understanding from the world, specially after all my mistakes, I also have to reciprocate.

    Ladies, Gentlemen, we have to be more understanding with each other.

    The world is not black and white. Everyone has different paths, and we might disagree, but it is important that we learn how to respect each other.

    We don't need to add more negativity to the world. Sure, we can disagree and share our opinions; but in a civic way, not through trolling or spamming. We can be better than that. We are better than that.

    So, my point with this rant is that we should take what we learn from this community and apply it for the better; but not become so obsessed by its teachings that we become inflexible to change and accept that everyone will have their own version of balance in their lives.

    Some will masturbate occasionally, some will lead happy lives with porn (just like alcohol, drugs and other activities that potentially damage the body), some will ejaculate when having sex and some will abstain from all forms of sexual activity; and all those people, all those humans, deserve respect.

    Because we can't expect ANYONE ELSE to be respectful if we first don't do it ourselves.

    Want to succeed in this journey? Understand that everyone has their own path, choose yours and work hard on it.

    Thanks for your attention, I send you hugs and love. <3

    All the best during No Nut November!

    PS: This is just my opinion haha, not the universal truth. Feel free to comment your perspective :)

    PS2: Ehm... NoFap censored C a p t a i n S i n b a d from this post. Why?

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