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    -Google Family Link:
    It works as a remote app lock. If you want to install a new app, it sends a notification to your accountability partner and he could approve or reject your request.

    It also prevents:
    *Installing apks without permission
    *Access to developer mode without permission (Blocks USB debugging/rooting)
    *Forces safe search on Chrome (and not other browsers)
    *Blocks porn on Chrome (still not perfect)
    *Blocks Safe mode by default.

    For step by step instructions, click here.
    Google family link can't be removed even when you factory reset your phone.

    -Test DPC

    (This is probably going to be replaced with better MDM/EMM apps)
    It lets you:
    • Block uninstallation of select apps, prevent force stop of apps, block installation of any app, block installation of third party apps and APKs, suspend or hide certain apps you want to keep on the device but only use temporarily when unlocking restrictions through Test DPC.
    • enforce private DNS settings (CleanBrowsing), block VPN usage completely or prevent turning off a VPN
    • block Android System WebView app (This will block all in-app browsers but could make a few apps buggy)
    • disable ADB debugging and developer settings, prevent factory resetting of device, prevent multi user support and new user creation, disallow safe mode

    -Digital Detox: (Thanks @Infidel.48 !)
    A must-try app.
    *Impossible to bypass
    *Allow certain apps that you need.
    *Prevents bypassing Accessibility/Device Admin/Usage Access permissions.
    *Blocks recent apps to prevent bypassing filters
    1-On allowed apps list, click on main > select all
    2-Remove testDPC (and settings) from the list
    3-Important: click on show all apps and then search for home, then select your homescreen app, it differs with vendors.
    4-Disable emergency use (optional)
    5-Enable block power options to block safe mode.(optional)
    6-Activate device admin

    -Lock me out:
    Taking app locking to the next level. Another must-have.
    Block apps & sites and gives you a penalty (locks your phone), if you try opening blocked apps.
    If you lock the Play Store, you won't be able to install apks. (reported by @the300clean)

    -Keep Me Out: (Thanks @Infidel.48 !)
    A productivity app that lets you lock your phone completely for certain time. Useful for procrastinators.

    -Norton app lock:
    This one can also block recent apps.

    -Using ADB to speed-up your phone's animations and transitions. (All credits to @Infidel.48 )

    This will make it impossible to bypass blockers and app locks even if you have very fast fingers.

    Now, for the actual porn blockers:

    -SPIN browser:

    -Blocks blocks porn, proxies, mixed sites
    -Search engines set to safe search.

    You'll have to use "Filter Chrome" to block browsers other than spin:

    This disables all in-app browsers and browsers other than SPIN browser which is filtered and safe.

    Download this version:
    To prevent removal of this app, you'll need to activate its Device Admin permissions manually. So open your phone's settings and type in the search bar: device admin
    Now, you need to enable device admin permissions for Filter Chrome app.

    You could easily turn that off, so you'll have install "Adult Block" which blocks changes to Device Admins and Apps with accessibility permissions once you install it (Adult block will be discussed later)

    If you want to use the latest version of Filter Chrome, you'll need to use Test DPC to protect it from being uninstalled. As the device admin trick won't work with the newer version.
    If it doesn't block any browsers after you set it up then you probably have to turn off battery optimization options for Filter Chrome:

    If you want to filter your Chrome browser using SPIN browser website categories then check out Boomerang Parental Controls. It has a 7-day free trial and its subscription is very cheap.

    -Pluckeye Browser: (thanks @Infidel.48 )

    Another good safe browser for android is pluckeye. You could import the same configuration that you use on your PC. It even supports flee rules.

    -Adult block:

    It locks accessibility and device admin screens in Settings, preventing anyone from removing apps from there.

    It can block apps by categories and even block installing new apps.

    Setting it up: video removed

    After you do the steps in the video, if you try to remove/uninstall device admins, you'll fail.

    It's recommended that you lock Adult Block using a second applock such as:
    AppLock - Fingerprint:
    Applock by Domobile:
    (Don't forget to enable advanced protection)
    OR by using bull dog's applock:

    - Bulldog(Guardian Angel)

    Depending on your region, it might be called "Bulldog blocker" or "Guardian Angel".

    It enforces Cleanbrowsing DNS:
    *Standard Mode (Cleanbrowsing Adult DNS):
    Enforces safe search on Google and other search engines.
    Blocks porn sites.

    *Cautious Mode (Cleanbrowsing Family DNS)
    Sam as standard +Blocks reddit, twitter, proxies and mixed sites, enforces youtube restricted mode(no comments & blocks unsafe videos).

    You could use the native locking methods of Bulldog and you also lock bulldog using a separate app lock.
    They are the same thing, just download the one available for your region.

    -ESET Parental Controls:
    *Excellent web filter
    *Powerful anti-tampering: Prevents changing battery optimization, low power mode, etc.

    -Bl.ockerX Premium modded apk:

    Download page

    Sign up using email and NOT using G-account. You could use for a fake email.
    Check the junk folder for the verification email.

    I have listed other porn blockers in the following spoiler. You don't have to use them. Also, depending on your android version and your OEM (battery optimization), some of the following apps won't properly or might not even work at all:

    -Kaspersky safe kids:

    On android 10+, it will probably filter Chrome only.

    Excellent porn blocker that filters in-app browsers. But it's still recommended that you block browsers other than chrome.

    As usual, you'll sign up using a friend's email or using a temporary mail. And for the password you'll type random letters in your "Notes" app on your phone and copy it and paste it as your account's password. Then you save BOTH the email and the password on Kaspersky is not a joke. If you lost the email or the password, it would NEVER allow you to uninstall and if you tried to be a smart ass and attempted to mess around with your Device Admins, it will lock you out of all apps for some time.

    Setting up this one is a bit tricky as it will lock your phone's settings by default. So you'll have to login to then select "kids" then "applications" then select your phone. Scroll down till you find settings and enable it.

    It also blocks many other apps by default like telegram and google play music, so check out all of the forbidden apps.

    Step 1:
    Step 2:

    You will also have to unblock categories other than porn and proxies under "Internet" tab:
    step 1: get to Internet tab

    step 2: Youtube restricted mode enable/disable (enabled by default)

    step 3: Allow other categories, and add to allowed sites.

    3-kids app Qustodio:
    Might not block any bad sites on Android 10+

    *Blocks porn sites, proxy sites and VPNs.
    *Blocks unsafe browsers and apps automatically.
    *Powerful self-protection to prevent removal.

    -Download link:

    -Setting up its email and password: (1.5 min video)

    -Website exceptions (allow or block) could be added on :

    Blocksite will be used to block porn sites with keywords.
    Please use this version of Blocksite:

    This very short video is important for choosing the best settings for blocksite:
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    You're a godsend
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    I use Guardian Angel on mobile and Blocker X on my laptop. They work pretty good but are there any privacy issues? Are they safe?
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    What do you think about "KeyOS - Kiosk Lockdown | App Blocker | Child Lock" ?
    It blocks recent apps view, battery saving mode, options, apps and services you decides and it starts quickly.
    But is it safe? It needs lots of permissions and has no ads or a buy option...

    Edit: try this one guys:
    Kids Place Parental Controls
    another kiosk free app, seems to block everything and starts quickly.
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    I use stay focused app on Android
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    The blocker x premium is amazing ! Is there a premium (free) blocker x for windows ?
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    Is there other way than Filter Chrome or test DPC to block in-app browser of Messenger? Uninstalling webservices seem to not work as well... It's the last possible way for me to cheat in my phone and I can't afford to block messenger. Please help.
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    Hey bro, I tried the blocker x modded link and it didnt work just letting you know.
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    Nah, there are other good blockers though, like pluckeye.
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    Thanks mate!
    Thanks for the suggestions! I am planning to test those.
    I guess they are safe. If they are not, the play store will remove them.
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    about this app, it has an inner unsafe 'Detox Browser ' , how to block it totally? without blocking the digital detox function
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    Hey man,
    Sorry I don't know how to block it. I have actually never used Digital Detox because I have an iPhone. But I am sure there is a way out there to do it.

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