Anger/Isolation Transmutation

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by FailingForward, Sep 14, 2020.

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    As a retainer I highly highly HIGHLY suggest that you get into some type of competitive activity. While doing nofap/semen retention you have to be able to transmute that new energy into something real. That extra testosterone you're saving will not go anywhere until YOU do.

    - Get in the gym
    - Start a youtube channel
    - Play video games with your friends
    - Play pickup basketball or any sport of your choosing
    - Get you work shit done
    - Clean your living space
    - Clean your hygiene

    Use that energy for the things you never had the energy to do and watch how it switches this time because you're refraining from losing your life energy. Lust will never go away but you can leave at the door by focusing on WORK. Work is subjective as well so that can be anything you want to put your life into.

    The longer you retain the more your confidence grows considering you're pushing through. The farther you go the more you get. I couldn't have done it with out moving towards something and hoping for the best. You're doing something LEGENDS do, believe in yourself. The universe is looking out for you.
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    I appreciate your concern. Thank you very much for that.

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