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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Chasse02, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Chasse02

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    Hi there.

    Well, i confess that, for me, nofap has become easier with time. Now i havent got the urges i had when i began. That aside, i feel i have issues with my anger. Now i get angry sooner than before, and sometimes i can´t help but yell at people. Also, my patience has become thin as a thread. Has anyones experienced this feelings?

    Ive tried meditation (via the app headspace), but i havent improved so far.
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  2. Captain!

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    Just pursue meditation and sooner or later you will transmute that energy and become more calm and relaxed.
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  3. Hold it in

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    I used to be quite an angry fellow back in the day. What helped me? Freedom isn't free. What do I mean?

    Anger was leading me down a road of violence. I could easily see myself as one of these mass murderers that walk into a place and shoot up the joint, I figured out the government, state or whoever would take legal authority over me, every state has laws like this where they can do that

    So, I changed my tune. Oh sure I struggled, dealt with my problems through alcohol for years etc.. but finally things smoothed out for me

    Hang in there man, Anger only burns hot for a while. It most certainly does get better, and even if it doesn't please don't ever loose faith that things will not improve

    Make good choices in life and make them habits. Sticking with something soon grows on you, and now you go down that road. For instance you said you've tried meditation, well stick with it. Keep doing it and you may just find it really does work, don't give up so easily. There is literally tons of stuff you could replace meditation with, just give it a chance. I know it's hard in today's world and easy to just throw in the towl, but try no too

    Good luck to you
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  4. Chasse02

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    Nah. My level of anger is not such. It is just that im not as calm as i used to be. And maybe its due of the circumstances of my life just now. Or maybe its bacause of nofap. I dont know. It could be the excess of energy trying to get out.

    Anyway, ill keep meditating, and hope it will get better with time.
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    I would like to say meditation, dissecting the reason why you are angry ( 99 percent of the time its on futile ideas thinghs etc) thats when anger vanishes, some people count to ten, realize anger is temporary, cold showers also help or warm showers, hitting the weights or doing rapid fire bodyweight exercises help too, ( helps blood flow and increases endorphins) so blood pressure subsides(the anger subsides)
  6. dankestmemes

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    I know these feelings too. Check out "On Killing" by Dave Grossman. It's about violence and the psychology of killing. But it also has sections talking about how to channel anger and tendency for violence into more productive pursuits.

    This is where I came up with, "Men are good at fighting and fucking." It's why our society has a disciplined group of people (almost always men) who are dedicated to enforcing laws and protecting the community. These would be our military and police. Don't think that I'm saying our military and police are violent sadistic brutes. But that aspect is there. It's why MMA and combat sports are so popular. When these men have no way to channel this energy they use their violent tendencies to assault, rape, and kill people. However, with training and DISCIPLINE, these violent energies can be channeled into productive ways. Martial arts saved my life.
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  7. Napav

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    Don't think because of nofap, you are getting anger.. It might be true that, you (we) have trained the brain that you feel sad, beat it, if you feel too much happy, beat it, if you feel uncomfortable, beat it.. it may be due to brain's rewiring, we are feeling other kinds of emotions..
    Things will get better.
    We all have to win.
    We will WIN!
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