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Angry, Asshole all the time!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Жить/во/ХРИСТЕ, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Hey gang!.
    Im currently on day 45,
    While porn and masterbation is a problem for me , but i struggle more with depression.
    Anyway the post is about being on the edge angry all the time.
    Ever since last week ive been on the edge and angry for the stupidest things. Mean to my family, friends ect. At the same time its been a really tough week for me.. Work stuff, car troubles, sick, get home late every day and don't have time for self improvment stuff. Just work and sleep. But its no excuse. I have always been more edge type of personality and i know last few days urges have been so strong , even the middle of the day i have all these thoughts running through my head.

    If anyone has any tricks or something they could recommend for being calmer in high stress situations i would appreciate it.
    Or if you experience some type of angry, frustration on NoFap comment below and lets get to the bottom or this.
    Peace and love brothers.!!
  2. Just allow yourself to go right into the emotions that this all rises to the surface. Remember that the more streaks we embrace, the more foreign this journey becomes for many of us and we are not used to the different emotions that this path brings up.

    Remember that emotions don't just come from nowhere. If it arises, it means it was there all along, and were probably just used to suppressing certain emotions with PMO, but now we've left that lifestyle behind, many raw emotions that we've not allowed ourselves to experience are now coming up. Just feel them. Don't run from them or squash them. Experience them and allow the emotions to exit your body, just by feeling it.

    I'd also like to lastly advise that you consider doing more fun things on the side as well. What do you do to wind down? What do you do to relax, or to laugh? Life shouldn't just be work, work, work, you need to do fun things as well as a stress relief. Maybe consider joining a gym, and make sure you've got a good, balanced diet as well, as food can also have an effect on our mood.
  3. Thanks for the reply!! I will keep reading over about feeling the emotions and embracing them.

    Pretty much my biggest thing is I don't know how to relax. I feel so behind in my life , im almost 27 and living at home ect.

    I go to the gym consistantly and eat pretty good. Used to count, track everthing so im firmilar with different foods but Ive been eating less carbs lately that could be part of it. Less carbs and more whole fats, eggs, avocado and red meats.

    Sometimes I chill out when I go sit in a sauna or just lay on the floor and listen to chill music. Thinking i need to prioritize my wind down time.
    Thanks again I appreciate all of you!!
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  4. JoeinUSA

    JoeinUSA Fapstronaut

    Wow, what an interesting post! If I were to list each line of your post thematically, I might come up with a list that looks like this:

    1. Porn, Masturbation, Depression
    2. Angry, On Edge
    3. On Edge, Meanness
    4. Tough, Work, Struggle, Sick, Late
    5. No Time, Work/Sleep, No Excuse
    6. Edge-Type Personality, Strong Urges
    7. High Stress, Angry, Frustration
    8. Peace, Love, Brotherhood

    Now, in that line 8 came from you, who are filled and bombarded with lines 1 through 7, what might you say is the source and the basis for line 8 qualities as living and existing within you, so that you recognize them and can, at the very least, wish these for others? Get to the core of the source of line 8 within your very self, and there you will find your answer. Tap into that source as a discipline and way of life, and that will be your solution for all the rest.

    Best wishes!

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