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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Arez01, Jul 7, 2021.

  1. Arez01

    Arez01 Fapstronaut

    Does anyone else feel like watching anime makes you retarded? I'm talking about myself here, I dropped 65 kilos on my head in the gym today and decided it will be a good decision to watch pokemon from the very season 1, and I have to say that this barbell was nothing compared to this show, not that it's so stupid or something; I just feel like I'm losing IQ and my social skills with every minute watching it, does anyone else feel/felt this way?
  2. gordie

    gordie Fapstronaut

    Anime wounds the mind and sometimes I even wonder if its worse than porn. But usually if someone is into anime, they also watch porn, so who knows. Go to any incel forum and you will see a plethora of anime threads, pictures of anime women they want to marry, and anime avatars.

    Consumption of art matters, and when you are filling your mind with poison you will also end up poisoned. People will reply to this with "But what about Hayao Miyazaki or films like Akira?" But these are exceptions and not the rule. My roommate watches Toy Story, which I think is ok sometimes for adults. But he also watches cartoon after cartoon after cartoon. Women don't want to speak to him and he has no ambitions.

    The thing is though, the standard of anime is so low that it has to utterly rot your brain. Think of the best CEO in the world and imagine you had to invite him to your home and entertain him with a movie. Would you even show him Dragon Ball Z, one of the most beloved animes of all time? People feel ashamed of their taste its so bad. Stilted dialogue, characters that are extremely exaggerated to excite the viewer (even more so than regular cartoons-- exponentially), next to 0 effort in plot. It is only a different high from the video drug of porn.
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  3. some of y'all never watched death note and it SHOWS
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  4. Arez01

    Arez01 Fapstronaut

    You have a point, not going to defend or attack anime because I feel like it depends on a person how much it affects them but based on my experience it feels weird to me how much dumber I feel after every episode compared to consuming any other media that would seem to be even more nonsensical than anime I just watched; I do believe that porn is pure evil and anime isn't close to being as harmful though, the main difference is that watching one episode of anime from time to time probably won't have much affect on you; with porn however, even a slight peek can burn an image in your head for a long time
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  5. Revanthegrey

    Revanthegrey Fapstronaut

    Death Note was the only anime i did watched to the beginning at end
    Then i try to watch others animes but .... i couldn't watch more than one episode.
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  6. Not really. You can say the same for other things like movies or music. Every person is different. I watch them since I was a kid to this day and it didn't ,,affect'' me in some way. Worst than porn? Hah, no, not really. But there are some types of anime which, let's say, it's not so good for kids or even adults in general. And I can agree that many people who watch anime are into porn, especially hentai (which goes hand in hand with anime). You can say the same about rated R cartoons.

    And I had a few pretty girls in high school who watched them and still do to this day. I had a really good time talking with them about this subject.

    Hmm, the best CEO in the world...it's funny, Elon Musk watches anime and I don't think it made him dumber. The thing is, every online product that you consume in large quantities daily will have some bad effect on you. By simply staying in front of your computer daily affects you.

    If you feel like that, simply, stop watching them. I had long periods of time where I didn't watch them because I got tired of the same content.
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  7. gordie

    gordie Fapstronaut

    A constant diet of anime turns boys into girls and men into perverts. The science has spoken.
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  8. GhostRider@11

    GhostRider@11 Fapstronaut

    Anything in moderation is not bad, in excess whether it's movies or video games, it will have bad impacts, if you read too much fantasy novels, it too will have bad impacts. Just dont binge watch, and I think you will be fine with anime also.
    Any true anime Watchers knows how illogical Pokemon is, bunch of rich kids on a world trip, they literally don't go to school, they don't have to work, and yet somehow they always have money for food. And if these all things were not enough, team rocket makes it even worse, I don't understand how can people even watch this thing. There's nothing wrong if you felt miserable after watching it. I think it was made for kids under 10 years, who love to watch same content again and again, who just want to do time pass, and don't want much of a logical series.

    Watch code geass, earlier I thought anime's are useless time waste, until one of my friend told me to watch this, and it changed everything, after finishing it, I wanted to watch more strategic series like this, then I stumbled upon death note. These are the best two series, that I have ever watched.
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  9. RavenGT

    RavenGT Fapstronaut

    Yes stay away from it

    The females in anime can also be strangely attractive and also triggering

    No wonder why alot of japan are porn addicts and watch alot of anime porn
  10. Yeah and the thing is, in Japan, the average virgin rate age is 30 to 34. And I thought I'm in a bad position when it comes to this. :)
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  11. Skyroㅤ

    Skyroㅤ Fapstronaut

    Japan is an extremely conformist society. Very strict when it comes to work and school and these high expectations are set for you. So people become neets/hikikomori and stay in their houses for years. Japan is awesome though, it may be clean and the people are so disciplined it comes at a cost of not being able to enjoy their own culture because they are workaholics. I guess the only culture they can consume is JAV

    No anime is not harmful at all, though weaboos piss me off because they are perverts. Sometimes watching anime can lead you to watching hentai. I can proudly say some of my otaku friends arent like this so some are. Some of them are just casual fans. I personally dont watch anime regularly though I have watched some anime through the years. Im looking to actually get into 2 anime series rn
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  12. Skyroㅤ

    Skyroㅤ Fapstronaut

    Because its fiction? It isnt supposed to be logical? Though I get it if youre mad that it isnt too realistic lol
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  13. Skyroㅤ

    Skyroㅤ Fapstronaut

    Gotta love that satire
  14. Oh yeah, let's place the blame on something external. Helps with the cope. And drag the name of science just for lolz.

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  15. Nope. I haven't seen much anime. I have seen a few episodes now and then, I didn't complete any particular anime from start to finish however. The reason being, somewhere down the line the amount of filler episodes starts to increase and the story starts getting dragged slower and slower. And the really interesting characters start dying so yeah, I just stopped watching at that point. :)

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  16. iamShinra

    iamShinra Fapstronaut

    I 100% agree with you.
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  17. Skyroㅤ

    Skyroㅤ Fapstronaut

    Harem animes are the worst culprit of this. They are literally coomer bait. Of course you also have anime which are borderline hentai that aren't explicit enough to be considered so.
    Too bad these types of anime are the ones getting popular instead of series that are actually good.
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  18. Skyroㅤ

    Skyroㅤ Fapstronaut

    Representation of (cringe) otakus right here
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  19. The thing is, these are hard-core fans or otaku, I don't really know how they call themselves. I was in a group on Facebook based on anime for some time and man...I didn't see heated confrontations even in politics as I've seen in that group. When you pass the line from ,,I like anime'' to ,,x character is my wife''...you have a problem.

    And the thing this is not the worst thing, did you see the BTS or K-POP fans? Those people are the real ,,problem''. This can happen to any kind of star or celebrityy and one example is Taylor Swift. She has a big amount of stupid fans, online especially.
  20. Melkhiresa

    Melkhiresa Fapstronaut

    Op if you don't like it don't watch it, you make these kind of threads knowing full well what kind of people it will attract. If you want to know if your iq level has decreased the intelligent way is taking an iq test before and after rather than asking in a forum about quitting porn-addiction. Well in truth i know what you mean i have often felt the same way after viewing for example some show but i do not subject myself to the whole episode let alone a whole season!
    Now constantly watching simplified show/anime will of course have an impact to what degree i am not sure but there is only so much that can be put on-screen. Real otaku mostly read manga and while many are stupid the same goes for literature. Most anime like dbz are geared toward a children audience and usually try to instill some good behavior into them(being kind is good, being mean is bad), "adult" anime are usually heavy on violence/gore and psychological themes(with violent anime being predictably simpler) that one does not want one's children to be consuming. But again like most movies many are mediocre at best but to say watching anime make you stupid or turn you into a porn consumer is pure slander.
    If the point is only to be entertained it accomplishes it purpose yes? if you want academic stuff you know where to look, if you are interested in history for example reading Shakespeare or watching some show/documentary might give you some broad knowledge on a subject but nothing can replace reading/writing non-fiction.
    In conclusion.
    Book > Movie.
    Manga > Anime.
    Fiction > Nonfiction.
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