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  1. It will immediately appear underneath your forum signature.

    Read about what happened with the old system here. All credit to @Jack Fischer who coded the replacement to the 3rd party PMO-tracker.

    How do I add a counter?
    Go here, set a data and time, select your rebooting parameters, and click the blue Submit button. It will automatically appear underneath your forum signature immediately.

    How do I reset or update my counter?
    Go here and just re-submit it with your parameters and a new date/time.

    How do I remove the counter?
    Go to your signature and remove it. You can use the tool again to re-add it.

    What time zone does it use?
    It automatically detects your time zone.

    What is the minimum and maximum number of days?
    Minimum is "today," maximum is 500 days that will display publicly, but your date is always kept inside of the interface. We might increase the 500 days in the future.

    @OutsideTime put together a more in-depth guide available here.

    If you notice any bugs, please let us know in this thread.

    Benefits of our own system:
    • Backed by me and NoFap's privacy policy.
    • Your data stays at NoFap.
    • Servers here to stay as long as we're online.
    • Faster, integrated into the forum.
    • Easier to use.
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  2. Now Nofap is a competion! Let the games begin!
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  3. Relapsed.
  4. Awesome! It was released faster that I expected. :emoji_clap:

    But how do I set multiple counters though? I am abstaining from porn and also masturbation. But for both of those my day count is not equal. I am porn free larger amount of days than I am masturbation free. Is there a way how to add two of those counters to my signature that would count both streaks separately? I can't seem to figure how. Or is that feature still coming?

    Also I notice there are only three options to select (P / P and M / P, M and sex). It would be great if we could also select just sex or just masturbation, or even better customize our own text there to track sexual activities in whatever combination we like.

    I'm not complaining lol. I get that this is yet just a beta and I am assuming there will be more features coming. Just trying to give some constructive feedback, in case you guys haven't thought of some important stuff. :) Anyhow, supper happy to see that we have a working counter again here. Keep up the awesome work you guys do on this website! Thank you very much! :emoji_thumbsup:
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  5. Fink93

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    Damn cool, thank you for this
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  6. Deadlihood

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  7. AlienOverlord

    AlienOverlord Fapstronaut

    Perfect. I was just about to start a new round of hard mode.
  8. b1308t

    b1308t Fapstronaut

    it's not a competition , we all can be winners here, that too very easily
  9. Don Gately

    Don Gately Fapstronaut

    @alexander Can you add hours on there? I love having the number of days + hours.
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  10. Mattsfreedom

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  11. Looks like you figured it out.
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  12. -Leo

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  13. HopeFaith

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    Thank you for that. It is very helpful. It would be nice if we could use difrent counters at the same time, for example for P, for M, for O or Sex as difrent people abstain form differnt things. Some succeeded at stopping the P but are still fighting MO and some aim for abstinance from all things. If we could have the posibility of using few differnt counters in our signature instead of one it might better reflect progress for some people. Is is possible or can we only have one?
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  14. For now, only one, but we're listening to feedback.
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  15. sirfapstinence

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    Thanks for adding the new counter. Its very useful. I think it could be slightly smaller though. It detracts from what a person has written in my opinion. The earlier counters were more subtle and yet they performed the same function just as well.
  16. Tesslynne

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    Testing if I have set it up right.
  17. Tesslynne

    Tesslynne Guest

    Hooray it works! Thanks you guys!
  18. jocad

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    i gotta say, this is incredible seeing all the counters. seeing people with 50, 100 days makes me want to get to that level. i'm on my way.

    thanks a ton for this.
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  19. Awesomej

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    wow. this is really convenient. thanks a lot!
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  20. Taylor25

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    It's about time! I've been waiting for a simpler one and now I can use it easily! Thank you!!!

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